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  1. Hello Stream,


    As we have discussed this problem before the matter of saving residual hearing is not only the matter of an electrode length than the total process of implantation which is circled under one term - hearing preservation.

    Beside the main recommendations, there are still not presented unique recommendations rather what each surgeon plead as their own technique based on the experience of the implantation but also on the results of their patients. 

  2. Actually, we still do not know now what is needed to understand (and hear it properly) a music. 

    Here is a very nice link from the Nature journal: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep32026

    Music is definitely more complex but if we would work on our ability of hearing (and understanding) music just as a fraction of the time we spend to learn to listen again (and speak) - results promise much better solution otherwise we have expected...

  3. 24 minutes ago, stream2525 said:

    Will it be released in MEdel HQs in Austria first? They can release it in Europe first. I am interested to know how people will react to it.


    Med-EL has shown Rondo 2 at the biggest ENT conference in Paris, I think. When it is actually produced it will be released everywhere where it is registered.

    But this is not so simple... For instance, even the product is registered in the EU, each country has to register a product for itself in order to be able to give patients in their country the newest product. 

  4. On 17/11/2017 at 5:19 AM, KBear said:

    I hope this is the right place. I've been looking for info all day. Sorry this will be long. There are questions and a list of screen results at the bottom. 

    My daughter (DD) will be three in March. She has sleep issues, extreme tantrums, hyperactivity, speech and social delays. She gets frustrated a lot, and doesn't like using her words. Her receptive communication is delayed. She omits the same letters from several words. I'm not sure if she hears certain words. She had two sets of tubes for high fluid, and her adenoids were taken out last month. She has failed the OAE in her L ear since May. She failed OAE in her R ear and both ears on the tympanometry (TY), when she needed tubes. 

    Her follow up for the 2nd set of tubes was yesterday. She failed OAE in L ear. Passed TY on both ears. ENT said ears were clear of wax. She has not had any other mucus draining, or illness since recovering from surgery. He wants to retest in two months. He believes wax is causing it. He would not refer to audiology. Early intervention (EI) and Ped disagreed on waiting. The Ped sent a referral to audiology. 

    ENT did not do a follow up screen after her first set of tubes. ENT is uncooperative with me and EI. He will not discuss screen results, or send them to EI. Only tells us pass or fail. EI's OAE does not go past two failed frequencies. So we only know that DD fails the first two. Ped only has TY.

    The screen at birth was ABR. I was not present. She had it within hours of the csection. The nurse said she screamed the whole time. From what I've read, the screen may not detect high frequency hearing loss. I read screening too soon after csection birth, or while DD was screaming could give a false result. EI is trying to get those results. All I have is a paper with ABR marked pass, and OAE is crossed out. 

    List of screen results:

    March 2015 - hospital - ABR pass

    2016 - EI and ENT - Numerous failed TY. Could not do OAE.

    Sept 2016 - First tubes

    May 2017 - EI - OAE: L failed. TY: both passed.

    June 2017 - EI - OAE: L failed. TY: both borderline.

    July 2017 - ENT - OAE: R passed. Could not do L. TY: R borderline. L failed.

    Aug 2017 - Ped - TY: Both failed. 

    9/1/17 - EI - OAE: L failed. TY: Both failed

    9/20/17 - Ped - TY: Both failed

    9/22/17 - ENT - OAE: L failed. TY: Both failed. 

    11/15/17 - ENT - OAE: L failed. TY: Both passed. 


    Questions. Why does he think it's wax if he can't see any? If it is wax, why did she pass the TY? Why is she only failing in the L ear OAE? Can ABR miss high frequency hearing loss? Especially considering she didn't have an OAE. Would the other factors affect the ABR result? 

    Thank you for reading my novel. I'm worried and frustrated. Any advice is welcome.


    Hello KBear,


    Pardon me for not getting involved before although Mary Beth tagged me, this post escaped me...


    As Mary Beth said, we cannot give you a valid medical advice but yes - we can clear you some question marks.


    If your daughter did not pass the OAE, she should be tested with the ABR. However, these tests do not measure same part of the hearing pathway so it could give an additional information. Tympanometry examined the pressure in her middle ear and the mobility of the eardrum especially if she had been implanted with tubes. But, that particular issue has been resolved and her potential hearing issue does not have anything with this separate issue. 


    I can not explain the behavior of your surgeon, but you can ask for more co-operative ENT with whom you can establish a reliable relationship.

  5. Will see - I am still in the grey area without an actual date of implantation. I did receive few promises as using Adhear and combining it with the BB would ask too many efforts.

    Of course, this is a good question - for him. Hope this will go much smoother.... 

  6. On 04/12/2017 at 5:21 PM, Kara of Canada said:

    Thanks guys!?❤️

    Good news finally @Ivana Marinac

    Aaaahhh! - YES! :wub: :D - so happy for you... soon, I might join you on the bilateral path... stay tuned...

    P.S.: did they make any scans to see how things go with the other ear taking into account certain issues at you first implantation? :huh:

  7. On 08/12/2017 at 7:30 PM, Megan L. said:

    @Cara Mia

    I was told the same thing by my surgeon! And I too expect them to last longer than 20 years. So I was definitely concerned when I saw that 20 years reimplanted in the article. We’re definitely going to prove the article wrong ?

    @Mary Beth nice pic! 



    Hi Girls,


    Legal notice of the manufacturers stated that the internal units will function for 20 or 25 years. It is something that they need to do, so any surgeon who promised you a lifetime implantation wasn’t quite truthful with you. Or at least, was not aware of that. Reimplantation do happen and it is not so rare event, but good news that you have sort of guarantee where you’re protected against any further costs, or the manufacturer (most likely) will replace your electrode if it is an internal cause of failure – for free.

    Right now, I have a patient (a girl) who is a college student and will have her 2nd REimplantation, or in total – her 3rd implantation. Sometimes – life sucks and these things do happen… L


  8. On 18/11/2017 at 3:22 AM, Jennifer said:

    Hi. My husband had an implant in his right ear last week with 10 per cent hearing.  His left ear had 40 per cent hearing and it appears that the Adhear might be good for that ear...Better than a hearing aid?  How low can the hearing be for adhear to be effective.  The surgery was $80,000.  How much is the Adhear and how does the insurance companies view it. Thanks

    Hello Jennifer,

    I started to write this post a few days ago but had some technical difficulties with sending it. 

    It is a good idea, but unfortunately, the hearing threshold of the other ear should be better than 30 dB. I do not have the information what are the hearing threshold curves of your husband but 40% of hearing is definitely worse. Adhear, at first place, is for the conductive hearing loss. I am sending you a short booklet about Adhear intended for professionals. 

    Or the single sided deaf ear where the other ear is - within the range of normal hearing threshold - up to 30dB which is not a case for your husband. If his hearing is constantly getting worse - he is a candidate for a CI on the other ear also which is actually very good.

  9. On 24/11/2017 at 10:18 PM, Kara of Canada said:

    Hey @Ivana Marinac! Nice to see you back!  Try using more layman’s terms. You confuse even me! 

    Layman? :)

    Pardon me, but sometimes balancing between the professional expression and trying not to write oversimplified - lose me. What can I describe better? :unsure:

    Huh... :rolleyes: Extremely bad sinus infection and cough put me in a pretty grumpy feeling...:( I was not in the mood for anything....

  10. Hello Kamini,

    I had a hunch MB...;) and stopped by :)

    I have my BB for 3 years now – my hearing loss is due to the other kind of pathology, a congenital malformation of the middle and outer ear which caused bilateral conductive hearing loss.

    That being said, let's return to you: it is mixed hearing loss due to your chronic middle ear infection, right? People usually stop by in the World Wide Web when they actually have a problem or are possibly misinformed. Or are not informed at all… Those who do not have some of the aforementioned, most often do not have the urge to explain their experiences. It is simply a statistical result.

    I understand your fear, because just like Lovecraft wrote: “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”, but there is no need for fear at all. Make an appropriate list of legitimately collected questions which you should present to your surgeon. It is and should be an open discussion between two sides in the process.  

    I can hardly be objective here, because I was one of the firstly implanted people with Bonebridge more isolated because, even today, number of implanted people online is negligible, but I will do my best.

    The internal unit of BB is a bit of chubby and protrudes a bit above the surface of the temporal bone if it is not implanted completely. Sometimes a thickness of the temporal bone is not thick enough. Moreover, the problem is postoperatively standing away auricle but this is only for a month, most for two because of soft tissue edema. When the swelling goes away, your auricle will return to its natural position.

    Postoperative pain is something that is reasonable for expect, but that is why the painkillers were invented. Pain is highly subjective emotion (like fear) and while waiting for a full recovery of artificially wounded tissue (because this is a definition of an operation), it is reasonable to take something for.

    And … at the end – food for your thoughts … The forth day after the surgery, I was on my bike riding nearly 30 kilometers around the city where I live…^_^

    I cannot think now more details, but if there is anything else where I can help – please remind me ;)








  11. Hi Kimmay,

    I understand you - I have approximately 4 hours of driving up to a place where is my clinical engineer. 

    Yeah - any of the aforementioned battery brand works well and confidently. Even Duracell 625 - I have tested them also although they are not an implant type of battery which only means that they should be more potent or the distribution of power should be more uniform during its use. 

    I like Power-One both because of their reliability but also a possibility of buying it. I buy mine on E-Bay, for instance.

  12. 1 hour ago, Mary Beth said:

    @Ivana Marinac


    Yes ZeniPower CI batteries gave my Sonnets false battery beeps and powered down.

    Huh! :wacko:     interesting....

    I am regular user of Power One and Rayovac mentioned above and I have never experienced something like that....

    I might experience that few batteries are not as strong as some other... but, then I change them and - everything is well then...

  13. On 01/11/2017 at 8:53 AM, stream2525 said:

    I am a little confused. If FLEX 24 and FLEX 28 will lead to same results, r why would have the EAS? 

    Active stimulation range is longer with Flex28.

    Like I have described - a dynamic of the hearing loss advancement is also important. There are various approaches: some surgeons do understand the effect of preserving residual hearing although it is vanishing, some just override that period and trust to the electrical stimulation which eventually will replace all natural hearing.

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