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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Kara of Canada in WOW Moments   
    Well here's my wow moments for today. I was with a hearing impaired person. We asked him if he could hear the change jingle in his pocket. He couldn't. I wasn't sure if I would but I did!! Then this morning I heard the toaster ding before the rest of my hearing family from the other room!! Yesterday I was working at my husbands job and we were in a hurry. He said something to me I heard it without looking at him. So I nodded. He stopped me and said you need to look at me when I'm explaining things. So I said actually I heard what you said!! Then tonight I Wayne's to learn some lyrics to a song I have always liked the melody. So I googled the song and I screen shot the words and then I played the song and lo and behold I was able to learn a new song!! Of course it made me cry!! I haven't been able to do that probably ever without someone helping me!!! So all those who need hope it's out there for the taking!! Grab on and seize the day!!!
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from Cara Mia in The chatty forum   
    Well... For a start, Einstein was right. And Star Trek are right too.
    Huuuuuuge fan!
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Cara Mia in Newhearing   
    Like Ivana said, thyroid activity should not affect the potassium/phosphate levels. But parathyroid glands can. I agree with Ivana's idea to check  kidney function along with adrenal activity.  Also it is good to rule out malabsorption factor (usually related to GI functions) and diabetic issues.
    Hope you doctor is good in internal medicine and has some background in endocrinology to find the cause of your condition.
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Kara of Canada in Newhearing   
    Thank you for all your wealth of knowledge!!
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to hadron in MED-EL 2.4 GHz digital wireless technology alternatives   
    The Baha 5 is 2.4 GHz ready. This gives MED-EL incentive to upgrade the Samba. Once the 2.4GHz connectivity is ready MED-EL will want to interface to as many devices as possible. So Samba will be eventually upgraded.
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Cara Mia in Dental work and cochlear implant   
    Thank you, Ivana
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Mary Beth in Dental work and cochlear implant   
    Smile. Yes we can. A benefit of our removable ears!
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Kara of Canada in Headaches?   
    Haha!! Lol good one Ivana!!!
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Kara of Canada in Headaches?   
    I thankyou guys for being here. That's the best part well one of the best parts I have gotten from having a CI!!! ❤️❤️
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Kara of Canada in Headaches?   
    Thanks Mary Beth. I figured I need to slow down. I am having my first setback!! So I need to slow down. I am doing very well so no need to stress about it too much. I was more worried that the surgeon would not be happy with me
    If I didn't keep my end of the bargain. I can't go on without it so I have to RELAX!! Lol
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Mary Beth in Headaches?   
    Maybe setting a timeframe for training will ease your anxiety about it a bit. I committed to one year of auditory training after each implant. I know I will be training seriously for 52 weeks. That helps put things in perspective. 365 possible days. Taking a few days off here and there will not effect the outcome. Also, if I'm having trouble adjusting to a new map I move to easier listening tasks for awhile and work my way back up. It's not a steady gain. It has dips from time to time. Our brains need a chance to catch up.
    Do take it easy for a bit. It's more important that your CI becomes comfortable to wear all day. The training will come in due time.
    Wishing you the best,
    Mary Beth
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Mary Beth in Headaches?   
    Technically all of these changes are called mapping. Lots of options when our audiologists make new maps for us. Hope it works for you Kara.
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from Sandy in The chatty forum   
    It's their fault in the stars but sometimes it reflects on other people... Felt that too many times... Life is not a freedom most of the time... Societies restrictions were too often around me or people with whom I share life.
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Kara of Canada in The chatty forum   
    A different world we live in right Ivana!!
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to hadron in New member   
    Ok. Thanks Ivana. Sorry Juliette.
    I noticed on the MED-EL clinic finder you can choose CI or SoundBridge. No option for Bonebridge. Are there MED-EL centers for BoneBridge?
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Juliette in New member   
    Hi Ivana,
    I suffer chronic ear infection in my left ear and only occasional ear infection in my right ear.  I have the pulsatile tinnitus only on the right side.  The surgery for the implant took just over four hours and there was no other surgery performed at that time.  It was meant to be a simple mastoidectomy and bone conduction implant.  I am finding it difficult to get a consistent response from my surgeon and when I last saw him he did not know what was causing the pulsing in my right ear and had no explanation for any of my problems.  It was the aufiologist I see for regular check-ups for the audio processor who advised I have pulsatile tinnitus and she will notify the surgeon.
    I will try the nose drops and if they don't work, the corticosteroid spray.  Thank you so much for your advice.
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from Juliette in New member   
    Ok Juliette - I have read all your datas but I am not sure if I have understood correctly - you had chronic ear infections only in your left ear or both? Most is not precise answer - now I am asking you as a doctor. Also, if you can specify to me do you hear tinnitus on your right side or both?
    If you hear a tinnitus at the side of your possibly blocked nose, there is potentially cure: a simple nose drops (not longer than 5 days) or little bit more complicate, nasal corticosteroid sprays for a period of at least 14 days.
    Well, the Bonebridge operation is actually simple mastoidectomy, so if your surgeon did chronic ear infections surgeries he should know how to implant a BB pretty easily. My surgery was complicated because I have lowered dura and raised sigmoid sinus and shallow temporal bone due to my different anatomy, the implantation lasted cca 2,5 hours; 3,5 hours due to a difficult intubation. That's a beauty of this method. Of course, I was the second patient with my condition to be implanted with BB 2 years ago, and I still wanted to know a lot, even contacted HQ of Med-EL by myself to get more information.
    The level of amplification is great plus - each day I was awed by different novel event or ability in my life.... Discovering new sounds... Catching myself that I can finally hear people who are talking separately... 
    Of course, I am working at the present on my ability to understand more in loud environments like loud restaurant, or coffee shop... But something will be left for second unit - the other ear.
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from Juliette in New member   
    Hello Juliette,
    yay! - excellent to hear that you are satisfied with your present hearing status and that you don't need anymore auxiliary methods to understand others.  
    It's awesome step forward.
    If this is what they propose I would ask myself why it started to present after the surgery. So, you don't hear that sound all the time than as pulse? Is it stronger when you are working or even trying to exercise?
    This is how pulsatile tinnitus should sound:
    Pulsatile tinnitus, just by definition, mean that there is blood vessel involvement somewhere. It could be an adjacent artery, or even a branch of the jugular vein (this vein has a pulsation). The vessel could be remote from the ear if there is still inflammation in this area, or fluid in the middle ear since your chronic ear inflammation will never actually go away. Do you have any symptoms of stuffy nose or stuffed Eustachian tube or possible allergy? Is the intensity of sound same since the operation? These are important questions.
    Possible causes and explanations: http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/hearing/tinnitus/pulsatile.html and: http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/hearing/tinnitus/jugular.html also: http://www.tinnitus.org.uk/pulsatiletinnitus
    ​Regarding the observation about the thickness of the implant - part of implant is buried within a temporal bone, but part is not implanted, it just lies on the surface of the skull and this part of implant can be shaped regarding needed angle according to the shape of skull. 
    Well, now you have to buy a smoked beer - to substitute burned cookies.
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Mary Beth in Seeking Implanted Musicians...   
    Good point Ivana. I hope they are never satisfied and continue to find things that work even better for us!
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Christa in Seeking Implanted Musicians...   
    Hi Tim
    I am implanted 5 months ago. It's awesome!
    However music is one of those things that is taking a bit of getting used to for sure.
    If it is a song you know, then I find it easy to identify.
    If it is a new song, then I must really concentrate to get the words and doesn't sound to great .
    However with the implant at least I can get some words, where as before there was nothing. 
    My daughter plays guitar (acoustic and electric) and my other daughter plays the drums and the piano.
    Electric guitar doesn't sound so hot LOL (but they are kind of distorted to begin with) However after some practice with the cochlear, an acoustic guitar is starting to sound "normal" and good again.
    It's a big change at first.
    I found listening to my ipod  a lot has helped a great deal with training the ear to hear music (in a new way, the cochlear implant way lol).
    Although sometimes music just sounds like static, and not good at all. It really depends on the kind of music you listen to. But it does get better and better.
    I really like music!! It was one of the things I missed the most! I am happy to have it back, even if it doesn't sound good all the time. I think it will continue to get better and better the longer I/you have your cochlear.
    Merry Christmas!!
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Kara of Canada in Newhearing   
    I just had to put it out there! I so enjoy this forum as a wonderful new adventure to my day. Makes me feel needed and wanted with those who share my journey and can relate.
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from Mary Beth in The chatty forum   
    Of course Mary Beth
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from Matt in The chatty forum   
    Well Matt - if you come into Europe, we definitely have to see each other finally. Innsbruck for me is like going to coffee.
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Mary Beth in Newhearing   
    If you search Facebook there is a MedEl CI discussion Group. There is at least one person from Canada active on the board who has bilateral CIs and another person who is on the wait list for a second CI. Maybe they can help you.
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Mary Beth in Newhearing   
    You are doing great Kara. You just need to take a break from training until you get a new program. You will be amazed at what a new program will do for you.
    Enjoy your day.
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