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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Mary Beth in New Member: Belinda   
    I have open slots for free in a listening program that may help your child. I offered to other MedEl users on Facebook and several have used it. I purchased a one year subscription for a teacher in February and so I have 35 student slots that I can fill. If you tell me your daughters first name, I will give her a slot and she can play with it. It may help.
    Mary Beth
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    Ivana Marinac reacted to Mary Beth in Battery life   
    I have used both and they both work well.
    Mary Beth
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from Matt in Where in the world is Matt Laxton?   
    Well, perhaps he's making Mr. Snowman - yesterday, large parts of the continent got sniw for the first time between few decades.
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from amorrow in Stethoscope...   
    Recently we discussed about what we do for a living at it seems that high percentage of us are in the health section.
    I will add here all types stethoscope for which existence I know. Please add your suggestions:
    1. Cardionics visual stethoscope & E-scope.
    2. Andromed ?
    3. 3M Littmann 3200 + Zagris software, over BT technology possible to visualize heart and pulmo sound on laptop. Funcionality unknown
    4. Stethographics solution.
    5. Starkey (as to my knowledge) is discontinued.
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from ayazhan84 in Ok I'm confused   
    I have it also, Adam. 
    Great material, but I still put my unit previously into WaterWear bag because Sportband soak a sweat and think this is not good for my proc. 
    Technically it's possible because pockets are pretty big, although, I bet it better suits to Rondo. But - improvisation is mother of all adaptations.   
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from RoyalQ in SONNET!!!   
    It was big event when it was announced in June of 2014. on the conference about cochlear implantation in Munich.
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from Miautamyy in My son   
    Hello Lisa,
    welcome to the group - can you explain us, what kind of implants because Med-El have various types of implants and it's not same whether we're talking about cochlear or middle ear or bone conduction implant.
    Also can you explain us - where his headache starts? Does he has/had migraines or neck issues until now?
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    Ivana Marinac reacted in My anniversary   
    I remember when I listened for the first time the voice of the 'mapping ing.' Who said:"Can you hear me?" His voice was strange but I could listen her... my mother could not tell me nothing she was crying... and so the voice of my mapping ing was the first voice I could hear... 14 years later when I decided to do the second Ci because I could not hear the busses or Tir noises with the ear aid on the left ear... the 10th november 2014 the day of the switch on of my left CI my voice and the voices of the Dr. and audiologist were not understable like 14 years ago, the voices were strange sounds not words.. and the first day post switch on... every time I said word I stopped because my voice sounded strange I could heared so: slie siip cis ciss cis... really strange... but now i am able to listen and to hear with the second ci. The second ear in the days of switch on had different experience from the first ear. The first think in my brain was:"oh my God what I have done!! I will have to work hard to arrive at the same level of the oldest Ci..."
    In 6 months post switch on I have got good results and I will do this choise other 1000 times!!!
    Have a nice evening
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    Ivana Marinac got a reaction from pester123 in SSD - Activated and needing rehab advice   
    James - have you seen this?
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