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    User of a hearing implant
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    3-5 years
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    Bone Conduction Hearing Aid / Device
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    Unknown / Prefer not to say
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  1. I found that I had to learn to hear from my right side. The learning process was gradual. It probably took a couple of years!
  2. I found there was a significant difference. The clarity of sound with my Bonebridge has been significantly better. It is also much more compfortable! -Ross
  3. My experience is that, since the implant, I can hear in stereo. The depth of sound has been a pleasant revelation for me. This has been wonderful. I play guitar (at home) and sometimes I like to wear the processor, while other times I take it off when I am playing. I regularly go to a local club (small venue) and I use the processor. In all cases I use the regular setting. I generally turn the volume down a bit.
  4. Hi Ashley, The good news is that you are hearing on both sides! I found that, after activation, my world was loud! I found that I had to turn down the volume and I was constantly trying the different settings. After a few days I found settings that worked. The processor sound is different. I initially found the processor sound to be digital/sharp whereas my good ear sound was more mellow/warm. If found that these differences were a useful method to 'locate' sound. In my experience, it took a few months of 'learning how to hear' from my right side. It has been a most exciting journey.
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