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  1. Mr-LJ

    Extra Long Wire.

    Hi, Doe's anyone know if an extra long wire, from processor to magnet plate is available? I want something that is about 6" to 12" long. I can then put processor under hat and not have it behind ear. Ideas?
  2. Well I've just come back from a hiking/camping trip... I walked partly along the West Highland Way in Scotland. With tent up and me inside, sounds that I heard were interesting as I wanted to know who or what was outside.... Sheep! and I'm sure that if you listen long enough you can get to recognise the different 'Baa's' from the different animals, the lambs especially.... and yes, I did 'Baa' back to them, they answer too! Hahahahah Another particular sound that was noticeable to me this week. I have a homebrew beer on the go, it's fermenting away nicely and bubbling away through the air lock, sometimes just one bubble then two or three... you get listening for the next, will it be two? three? One? Four?? so on. My favourite listening thing is my old vintage valve radio.... just so nice and mellow to listen to. I have a small extension speaker added to it, also vintage, but it is a much higher frequency. The set up is positioned so that my ci hears the higher frequency small extension speaker and the conventional hearing aid hears the main radio. Sounds complex but it works for me.
  3. Mr-LJ

    POLL: Sonnet users

    I think this will definitely happen as mobile phone companies are constantly looking for more power in phone batteries and the new technolgy will pass to processor batteries.
  4. Mr-LJ

    Sonnet 2

    Now that's a good idea, thanks for mentioning that, or, in the meantime... why didn't I just think about switching on T, the loop? An on/off physical switch would still be better though as it is not all the time that I carry the remote control around with me.
  5. Mr-LJ

    Sonnet 2

    Hope the new sonnick has an on/off switch like what was on the Opus2 I really miss that on my sonnet 1. 🙁 I've had the battery door fall off a couple of times because of trying to switch off but still wearing the ci.
  6. I simply prefer to use a conventional ear mould. I suppose as I've worn ear moulds all my life I'm now so used to them. I have a fear of having an unfixed ci when around water or where ci could be easily lost through falling off.
  7. Mr-LJ

    POLL: Sonnet users

    I had mostly been using the rechargeables (large ones) but since recently having been away camping I've switched over to the disposables. I'm a bit reluctant to switch back to the rechargeable batteries simple because it is hard to see which way round they slot into charger, what a stupid design!
  8. Mr-LJ

    New member

    I totally agree Adam and the funny thing is... I am still, after some five years of having been implanted, still hearing things that I never heard before. Another example.... In my late teens I used to go wild fowling, (duck shooting) I never did hear the ducks over head in the dark. Sometime since I was implanted, I heard during the day, some Wigeon, and was amazed at hearing their high pitched whistling as the flew past. Such a beautiful sound too and because of this.... I no longer go duck shooting. Your avatar looks like you are hiding in the reeds for something. Do you have a punt gun ready?
  9. Hahahahah... Red light is flashing! it is a gif file. I was going to ask what program is it on lol. This is the aid that security needs to wear! Russia calling! Russia calling! lol.
  10. You should see Fawlty Towers, now that is a really good laugh. Love John Cleese.
  11. Now I am thinking that 'St Peter' must have been a very keen wine drinker after his companion produced the finest wine from plain water at some wedding. Seriously though, I have not heard of a St Peters brewery, had to google them up though. http://www.stpetersbrewery.co.uk/
  12. Before I re read this Adam, I was wondering just why anyone would want to listen to a boiling kettle? EEK! Then I thought... no, kettles whistle they don't have bells.
  13. Mr-LJ

    New member

    Hello Ade, Another from the UK. I was implanted five years ago at Cambridge where did you get yours? So pleased you like your ci and that music is good for you. I also love to listen to music and I full well remember hearing clearly for the first time... John Lennons mouth organ in Love me do. Funny how some things stick out.
  14. I'm in East Anglia where it is pretty flat, can be quite nippy with the North Sea wind blowing in. Christine... Nice of you to join us! Are you putting your photos into photobucket or similar and then copying the link 'Direct' then click on the Image icon where you type your message and you should instantly get a picture...like so!
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