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  1. I have bilateral Rondos....love them. I have had one for almost 4 years and the second one 2. First time my scalp has ever been sore. I haven't changed anything but I did use the slickers recently to swim.......has anyone ever had a problem with redness and soreness where implants are? I have had to take mine off everyday this week because they hurt so bad. I am really concerned and will see a doctor in the morning.....I just don't know what I did differently. Really concerned about the water wear???? Is it possible that I was given the wrong battery for Rondos in order to use the slickers???? Please let me hear from you if you have had a similar problem! Thanks
  2. So happy for you! Knowing this helps me becuase this week's mapping is so differnt for me and I am a little discouraged. I hear doors closing (really loud), paper rattling, road noises, etc (some of these I have no clue what they are and where they come from) but voices are hard because I'm hearing so much other stuff!! I am 7 weeks post activation. I thought I did better after my last mapping but now they are trying to really fine tune the CI. So CONGRATS and thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Thank all of you for your encouragement. I am so blessed to have the implant and I am looking toward better "hearing" days! I have just got to learn patience!! This was the 3rd mapping for me. OH and by the way-----a BIG ROLL TIDE!!!
  4. My implant has been activated for one month tomorrow. I am hearing paper crumble, airconditioners, etc but communication is still very hard. Mapping yesterday has made these sounds so loud! Is this common?? Oh by the way......My name is Janet and I'm in Alabama. I have the awesome Medel Rondo and love it!! But can't wait until my brain sorts out some of the sound!!
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