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  1. How deep is your hearing loss on bone? How much do the batteries usually last? Did you try the siemens miniTek? If so, what are your impressions about it? Do you know if some kind of water proof protection is available for the samba? Hi ! I lost 0 to 20dB BC, but this is no problem. My "complete" hearing loss is about 45 (low) to 75dB (high). It's not linar, I have some peaks. It's the best way to show us a audiogram. My batteries lasts about 10 to 14 days. I'm only wear my BBs outside my home. Yes, I try miniTek, but the connection is very bad. It's better to wait for the next ve
  2. Yes, Samba is much better. I test it for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, my health insurance will pay in about 3 years for new hearing aids. I have to wait ... Thomas
  3. Ivana, thats maybe an spambot Thomas
  4. I'm traveling twice a time per year to Namibia. And I always have my "ears on". No problem, this is a medical device, so you don't need to power it off. Thomas
  5. Knickohr

    Samba !

    Ivana, go to the Med-El online shop and ask for "your" price : https://care.medel.com/shop/nc/login.html Price is only for the processor, not for the whole implant with surgery and processor. In this case, it costs about 13.500€ Yes Robby, the "lifetime" for an hearing-aid here in Germany is also 5 years. Thomas
  6. Knickohr

    Samba !

    You must pay the whole price ? Is ist possible to pay the Amadé for insurance and then upgrade to Samba by yourself ? A Samba-processor costs 4641€ (incl. VAT) in Germany. Thomas
  7. Keep cool, it takes some time ! I'm bilateral BB and my right side was easier, but I had some secretions, on the left side I had some pressure on the facial nerve. After 15 days it will become better. Thomas
  8. Knickohr

    Samba !

    Yes Ivana, thats true. But I have no opportunity to choose. My Amadés are really new and my health insurance didn't pay until the next 3,5 years for new Sambas. Thats really crazy, I know what is possible, but I cannot make it real And if my Amadés are broken, I only get new Amadés until they are off-market. The only thing I can do, is to wait ... Thomas
  9. Knickohr

    Samba !

    Ivana, Amadé is NOT end of life. Med-El still sells it to a few countries. Until these countries have not committed the Samba, I get an Amadé. My primary care is Amadé, not Samba, so I only always going to get Amadé's until they had been taken off the market. That's the problem with the health insurance, they also only pay for the cheaper ones, except it is medically and audiologically indicated. But this isn't. I have to wait. If time will tell, Samba comes ... Thomas
  10. Robby, if you have clipping and distortion, there is something wrong with your fitting, or your hearing loss is more than the processor can correct. Do you have an audiogram ? Can you show it us ? Thomas
  11. Knickohr

    Samba !

    Last day with the SAMBAs My health insurance didn't pay for the new processors and I have not that money for buying it by myself. I have to wait for an additional 3,5 years. Robby, if you have clipping and distortion, there is something wrong with your fitting, or your hearing loss is more than the processor can correct. Do you have an audiogram ? Can you show it us ? Thomas
  12. Knickohr

    Samba !

    Hi Ivana. We only concentrate at program 1. If this is working perfect, we modify or activate the other programs. Thomas
  13. Knickohr

    Samba !

    Day 25. Today we talk a lot about the studies of the Samba. Looks like the Samba is good, very good. We changed nearly nothing. Only the new magnet #5 at the right side and we reduce gain in the lower frequencies at the right side too. These pair of hearing aids are nearly perfect for me. I win a lot of understanding back since the old days with the BAHA. And yes Ivana, I can left the Sambas on while I'm driving a car. No howling, no clipping, can hear the radio too. I didn't change programs und volume. It's like an natural ear. Thomas
  14. Watch the strokes coming : http://www.lightningmaps.org/realtime (best viewed in Chrome in full screen modus) Thomas
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