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    Robby, if you have clipping and distortion, there is something wrong with your fitting, or your hearing loss is more than the processor can correct. Do you have an audiogram ?  Can you show it us ?
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    Knickohr got a reaction from Peach in Samba !   
    Day 5, second fitting !
    We raise the volume about 6dB and fixed some little problems. Understanding is now great, much better as with Amadé. Automatic sound management works. For my opinion a little bit too good, noisy environment is reduced too much and too heavy.
    Another interesting thing. We started with an vibrogram. Complete different hearing threshold, complete different lines !  My BC-hearing is much better on the left site, specially for the lower tones, nearly "normal". Maybe this results in the in situ measurements or the older "false" audiology. Maybe it's caused by the different placing of the sound transducers.
    Much more bandwidh in the "music-program", sounds natural, not sharp, no howling anymore. I'm still activated for 3 programs, will introduce my audi to activate all 5 programs for "playing" with some different parameter settings in the next fitting session on Wednesday.
    And another great goal !  I can hear an loud emergency siren of an police car or an ambulance without clipping. It's really crazy, I can chat with my friends, if the ambulance is driving past me, it's link an natural ear !  Will test the Sambas while I driving a car. I had never put on my hearing aids, when I drove.
    Magnets are much more powerful. Now I'm using No. 4 on both sides, but 4 is a little bit less for my right side, will get an No. 5 at next fitting session. I'm feeling more secure with this powerful magnets.
    Another interesting thing. Any RC from SIEMENS works with the Sambas. Maybe this is an option to use your stethoscope with the Samba, Ivana !
    Ivana, your audi can set an threshold and range for the volume for the RC. My range is set to 18dB (+/- 9dB), thats enough, but we can go higher. It's an setting in the Symfit software. I'm still below the max. volume of my "old" Amadé, there is more spare gain left.
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    Knickohr got a reaction from Peach in Samba !   
    Hi !
    Today, I got a package from Med-El :

    I didn't buy anything, I didn't awaiting any post from anybody, but this is from Med-El, so I unboxed it :

    2 SAMBA processors !   I'm wondering, why the processors are send directly to me, not to my audi
    Anyway, I got my 2 SAMBAs for testing. All pieces are packed very well and are brand-new.

    What's in the boxes ?
    - 2 SAMBA hearing processor
    - 2 hairclips
    - 2 Remote controls, yes 2
    - 2 packages of batteries
    - 1, only one, magnet number 4
    - 2 handbooks
    - 1 contract (3 copies)
    Additional, you need 2 batteries (size AAA) for one RC. The second one is not necessary.

    Today, it's to late to go to my audi for fitting. Will do this on Monday, if he as a little time for me
    Comparison between the Samba and the Amadé processor :

    It's the same size, only the shape is a little bit different. Samba comes in a high glossy black cover. First impression, the Samba looks bigger, but it isn't !  There are no knobs, buttons or switches, so the RC is mandatory. Only the battery-tray is for power on/off the processor.

    Cover removed :

    Some more pictures :



    More from Samba-testing in the next days, stay tuned.
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