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  1. You guys are so great! Many ideas and thoughts on these 2 units. I have been told that perception becomes reality to each individual human being, so my perception probably seems more distinct as far as noticing a difference. Also, John said in a post he wrote about feeling like he heard better with one particular unit only to find out he didn't test as well on that one.....am I misquoting you, John? So, I am still getting a feel for each of these. I give pros and cons to both, but the bottom line is I am hearing things I haven't heard in years and I am feeling overwhelmed at the prospect
  2. Ok, Everyone, I am interested to hear your feedback on these 2 units......I have both the Rondo and the Opus II and have tried each one. I know everyone has said the sound processors are exactly the same on each. Even so, have any of you noticed a difference in sound? I most definitely have and I am curious if anyone else feels like these "identical" processors are not equal in some ways. I wish I worked a different shift so I could participate in the chat's more often, but my swing shift keeps me up late at night and I am away from the computer for the most part in the afternoon and eve
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