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  1. MaryBeth, I did speak to my Audiologist regarding going into a Research group but that was not an option in London where I had mine one done. I also heard that Ottawa Hosp was doing them for tinnitus but when I asked them about it they said they only operate on residents.
  2. Hi. I became totally deaf very quickly as a result of Meniere's Disease about 5 years ago (age 57) and recieved my CI implant on one side about 6 months after. With the Meniere's, I also suffered and still do, terrible Tinnitus; however, the side that received the CI (Med-el) is not afflicted with that anymore. The non-implanted side is horrible, with various sounds ranging from a screaming Opera singer, loud humming refrigerator, static radio or jet. I would love to have the other side done but that is not possible due to cost as in Ontario, Canada, only one CI is funded by the province. My question: do any of you suffer from tinnitus?
  3. In response to Russ on 12.06.2013 18:03, his long note, I could not have said it better myself. I too feel that the whole thing has been kind of down played and in doing so does the implantee no favors. It IS a very big deal. We go through a lot emotionally and physically prior to the surgery, during the surgery and post op. It is an amazing process and offers us hope but we need a lot of understanding and we need support. Down playing the process can be harmful emotionally. Thank you Russ, for your letter. Thank you so so much. Cathy Knapp, newbie and 3 day recipient of my implant
  4. I recommend reading this book: I Can Finally Hear Birds: A Candid, Comical And Intimate Journey About Hearing Loss, Meniere's Disease And Cochlear Implants by Nancy J. Chovancek Wonderful if you are about to get a CI.
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