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    I need to share with you all about what happen yesterday. At one of the gas stations as I was paying for my drink a cashier asked me if that was a new Bluetooth. I was confused what she was talking about so she pointed at her head where my Rondos at. I can't help it but smiled at her and explain to her what it was. She was kinda embarrassed. I smiled not because it was a "blonde" question it was because she, a stranger, was brave enough to ask and that made me happy. I thought it was funny when she thought it was a new Bluetooth and that made me feel like I'm cool dude. I know we all grew up to never ask about other people's disabilities but I want people to ask about mine so that will give me an opportunity to educate them about deaf/Hard of Hearing and that cashier gave me that opportunity.
    Have y'all had somebody asked you about Rondo and they thought it was a Bluetooth or something else? Please share! 

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