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Found 13 results

  1. Valentin

    About Rondo mic cover replacement

    Hi there, although is not the first time I had change the mic cover, for any reason I can not success this time. I searched the video to do the procedure on MED EL but the link to do this procedure redirect to other processor. Do you know where is the correct video link? https://www.medel.com/support/product-support/audio-processors/rondo/sonnet2_handling_changingmicrophonecover @MED-EL Moderator
  2. zeynepody


    Do you have audiolink ? If you have it what do you think about it ?
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to decide between the Kanso or Rondo. I am very active (sprinter and hurdler with regular training sessions) and I have been told that the Rondo may not stay on well (in general, not just with sports). Has anyone experienced this? Any Kanso / Rondo users I'd love your opinions! Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello dear friends, longtime for last visit to website, I missed everyone I wish all of you doing great 🌺🙏🏻 Finally, I had another surgery after 4 years back I had a CI on right side and on last month I had a CI on left side. It’s little noisy and robotic sound from left side it will take time to hear normally because almost now 5 years when I became a profound hearing loss because of car accident! Now, I can locate sound from which direction better than before so I advised my colleagues to become bilateral CI if they fit to this procedure. I’m so happy to hear again from both side and I wish for everyone who have any issues in hearing to recover and hearing again. 🌺🙏🏻 Any one have same my implanted? Both side I’m using magnet strength 4, right side concerto (circle magnet) and left side synchrony (triangle magnet) I guess circle magnet more stronger, not easy to fall down and stuck nicely than triangle magnet! Best regards, Hameed
  5. iHM24


    Unbelievable!! Before 2 weeks back I received direct message from new member, he was asking for help because by mistake his nephew Rondo washed more than 20 minutes at least in washing machine before they discovered it missed! However, I give him some instructions because he read my story “Rondo falled down in W.C.”. I told him to remove batteries and using hair dryer carefully because if using directly maybe will heat Rondo and damage it or burn internal hardware, also I asked him to be patient and keep Rondo in dryer kit after that reuse hair dryer and keep it back again in dryer kit. However, I’m so happy that instructions help his baby nephews and Rondo work perfectly without any issues. Moreover, I told him to take it for nearest Med-El center to check it to be sure. He was so happy because they didn’t lose Rondo “total damage” after washing by mistake in washing machine, it’s amazing and great that Rondo not water proof or rating IP68 and still working perfectly. I faced two stories on my devices (Opus 2 and Rondo) and now it was the third case and it’s my pleasure to help my friends and colleagues in similar bad situation. Hameed https://ibb.co/kmoMG6
  6. MED-EL Moderator

    RONDO 2: It's Never Been Easier™

    Hello HearPeers Community! Have you heard the latest news? The world of cochlear implants has changed today. Meet RONDO 2—the very first audio processor with wireless charging technology. It's Never Been Easier™. #RONDO2 Sign up to be the first to know when RONDO 2 is available in your country! *CE Mark is pending
  7. Recap: Meniere's wiped out last good ear in March, Repeated steroids failed to recover permanent hearing and the Cochlear implant was the only option to re-enter the hearing world.. Implanted on July 17th, activated on August 1st with the Rondo and the Sonnet. It's been nearly 4 months of chasing the proverbial carrot on a stick. I still cannot watch TV other than CC and that is stressful on scripted shows and damn near impossible on live shows of any type. Music is nothing but thumping for the most part with no detection of words or melodies. I've had the processors replaced on both the Rondo and the Sonnet and the Quattro because of suspected malfunctions. I've had a second surgery to repair a hole in the eardrum after the initial implant, cause uncertain. My audi has tried tweaking the program at least 6 times so far and it will sound better in her office at the time but usually deteriorates by the time I get home. Usually I have at least one other program setting to try Present: I'm only somewhat "hearing functional" in a quiet, one-on-one setting. At least my wife and I can communicate without the portable white boards we used during the total deaf stage. Multiples of people, or any recreational or shopping environment pretty much puts me on the sidelines of life. Communicating with doctor's offices, commercial businesses, servers, cashiers or clerks is way too challenging way too often. Sometimes I just nod and hope I get what I wanted. The sounds that I hear in any setting vary on a hour to hour basis, to being muddled, echoed (sometimes booming), raspy, tinny, and sometimes almost usable. I never know which unsavory characteristic(s) is/are going to rear it's ugly head on rising or after lunch or after supper or just reading or working/playing on the computers. Extended exposure to family or friends gatherings wears me down physically and mentally and dramatically deteriorates the clarity of the sounds associated with the event. The audi has "suggested" that maybe the Meniere's is at the root of the problem but no suggestions as to what to do about it. Her advice from our last visit was to keep doing the exercises from the paper handouts she provided which seem way to easy and unproductive for my current challenges. Another challenge is kitchen noises. When my wife is doing anything in the kitchen, it sounds like she's doing a total demolition with crowbars and jackhammers. It is so painful at times that I remove my processor until the destruction is complete. This may be what they call "recruitment" or "hyperacusis". I experienced some of this prior to the Meniere's and subsequent implant but nowhere near the decibel level that it is now. And finally, just to complement the frustrations of the hearing problems, I hear this "ghost" sound with or without the processors like someone singing or chanting. I describe it as Tennessee Ernie Ford attempting to sing opera. Conclusion: I don't think some of the issues I'm having are usual and customary and I'm not seeing any real progress on addressing them and I'm losing my patience, perseverance, and urge to practice. Anyone out there have any similar complaints or suggestions???
  8. Today I'm trying External Battery Pack. I decided do it to connect devices as phone, mp3 and others. The problem I have is you need an aditional cable to connect EBP with devices, but "Where is it?" Is it an aditional accesory? I can not see it on MED-EL list
  9. Valentin

    About dehumidifier with Rondo

    A quiestion with dehumidifier use. user manual translation is not precise and can confuse on use of this. Must I open Rondo battery pack every night to put on desumidifier, extract batteries completely from dehumidifier?
  10. Valentin

    Quality "plastic" on Rondo and years?

    Hi there. I'm not refering here to Water cover protection. I refer Rondo by default cover. You know Rondo wear on head. Head is expoused to sun easily. altough I know you must no put any device to directly sun exposure, It is more easy to be exposed to the sun, not so intense but if on a daily basis. You as Rondo user: Have you detected any deterioration in over time? I have my hair short. I do not pretend that with time the processor or the processor cover show as first day, but I am concerned about change it six months. This is not a sunglass. BTE processors are something protected, like this. Greetings
  11. carolinemack

    Hi... possibly AGAIN

    I 'just found this forum today' and was wondering why I'd never found it before and 'oh I could have been using this!' and 'Just what I need!'. So I tried to make a new account... turned out I 'found this forum today'... last summer? And am already registered. HAHAHA... that's about par for the course so if I am 'introducing' myself again it's only because my brain cells are gradually disappearing (apparently). I blame my CI! ) So, Hi, I'm Caroline and am the very proud wearer of a Rondo on the left side. Love my Rondo!! Still wear a HA on the right (Oticon Epoq, due for replacement). Implanted 2 years ago (only the other day) and been a revelation since Day 1 of being switched on. I blogged about it all here... http://carolinemack.blogspot.nl/ for anyone that's interested. I'm Scottish but have lived in the Netherlands for almost 40 years. I got my Rondo together with an OPUS2, which I haven't actually worn but am glad to have as reserve. I find the sound quality totally equal but much prefer to have nothing behind my ear now so kind of hope i never need to use it. Am amazed at all the topics on here and hope to see answers to (water wear) questions and finally 'meet' others wearing the Rondo... seem to be very few and far between here in the Netherlands... at least I don't meet them. I keep telling 'them' at Med-El here in NL to promote it more! I have spoken to loads of CI wearers and they either never heard of, or don't recognise, the Rondo at all... 'is that a BAHA you're wearing?' I've even had the inexplicable 'oh no, couldn't wear that!'... Anyway, will try and remember I'm on here at all! Regards, Caroline
  12. Please just ignore if you're not interested but here's the link to my blog. It STARTED about me getting a CI so do scroll back to the first post I figure it will save me rewriting my opinions and I'm always glad to hear other folks'. http://carolinemack.blogspot.nl/
  13. rodearly

    First Waterwear experience

    I am a new Med-El CI recipient (bilateral: right ear 2015-Oct-30 and left ear 2015-Dec-02). I have been severely hearing impaired since birth (1967). Though I was mostly functional in the hearing world prior to getting my implants, the implants have brought major improvement. I used the Rondo and water wear for the first time the week of December 27 while on a Caribbean cruise with my wife, children, and other family. It was fantastic to be able to swim with my kids and be able to hear and talk with them in the water. We did a "swim with the dolphins" event at the Cozumel stop; being able to hear was excellent. I did have some struggles --not unexpected -- fitting the waterwear onto the Rondo. I compensated by putting installing the waterwear (and of course the alkaline batteries) the day before needing it. I also installed the hook so I can clip it to hair. To further secure the Rondos, I bought a headband to hold them in place. The headbead muffles sound to some degree but I could still hear. For that reason I will wear a headband only when I need it. I can find a Rondo if comes off in a swimming pool (as it did a few times) and therefore did not wear the headband. But in the ocean or a lake, the headband is a must. I was a bit disappointed in the batteries, which seemed to last 4-6 hours. However, I discovered the batteries would revive and work again for a time the next day. I do hope MedEl is working on a rechargeable battery solution for the Rondo. My only other complaint is the detachable hook. I have not been able to get it off the waterwear jackets. I am visiting my audiologist next week so perhaps she will be able to help me. Bottom line: The waterwear is fantastic excepting a few frustrations.
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