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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Just thought I would share with you my latest Episode that just went online. Hope you enjoy... Any questions feel free to ask away. Regards John
  2. Daniel the Stranger

    Activation May 28

    Hi guys, I was activated today. Very happy with the results so far in the sense that all my electrodes are intact and working as they should. Tested with different sounds, I could differentiate the high from low pitches. Everything sounds like helium, even while I'm typing on the keyboard. Same with voices, all of them sound like helium voices. Wind is the only different sound I have got, I felt it like a person blowing a whistle. Sometimes I need to remove the processor to make sure that I'm getting sounds and not the tinnitus giving me false sensations. Audiologist decided to go for the cautious start and decided to give me to programs with different level of volume. I have to go back next Wednesday as I can "hear" the voices but not the background sound. I went to the gym and the background sound didn't affect me, maybe the mapping was very conservative. Not that I'm complaining though. I will have to use my HA for work but I'm planning on using the CI only as soon as I get home and when I go to the gym. I will keep you posted. Exciting times are coming.
  3. Well guys I'm finally fully a CIBORG! Got activated first thing this morning. My surgeon saw me in the hallway and sat in on my entire activation. He even recorded the part when I was switched on! Well all electrodes are working. And I found out that my CI audi, the original one, had ordered the Sonnet EAS but when they tested me this morning before activation it was clear that I have lost much of my residual hearing. So they didn't use the ear mold part. I'm glad for that cos I never wanted anything inside my ear. So I'm surprised that the audi ordered that without consulting with me. The CI magnet is 2 and even with the one that the new CI audi who did the evaluation, a magnet of 5, dropped! So I don't know how it's gonna go. I wasn't able to wear the CI until I got a clip to hold the cable so that if anything slips it doesn't fall to the ground. At activation all I heard were cricket sounds and whistles and like I was hearing an alien. But a few minutes after I put the CI again this afternoon with the clip in my hair suddenly I was hearing my voice from the CI! It still sounds robotic but I am happy to be hearing words of some sort. The audi said I should read a book aloud and watch TV. I asked about rehab apps and she said I can proceed. Doesn't look like she would have recommended the apps if I didn't mention it. It wasn't until I reached home that I realised the difference in the ear hook. I'm wondering whether I can just get a regular earhook to replace the EAS earhook. I don't like it. Plus my ear is small. So the ear piece is still falling from my ear sometimes. The CI audi said that it may take me 6 months to make out speech if ever. I hope that she is wrong. I'm gonna immerse myself in rehab. There's so much to read! I'm not feeling overwhelmed though. I'm looking forward to my journey.
  4. KrisHS


    I saw my surgeon today and he says all looks great. I still cannot hear anything so he typed out every word on his laptop. I am set for activation on 9/24. I am so excited.
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