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Found 8 results

  1. I received my bilateral cochlear implants in 2018 and I continue to struggle daily to hear and understand. I have readjustments every 3-6 months with my audiologist and for the most part I guess it helps. What can I do? Is there a online workbook? I very much feel deaf and sometimes I wonder if it would be easier if I was.
  2. My foster son, Lu, is 3 years old (we have had him since 8 days old) and we are finalizing his adoption next month. We just found out this year through ABR test that Lu has profound hearing loss in his right ear and mod-severe in his left. He was born substance exposed and was in nicu his first week of life. He has been wearing hearing aids for the past 3 months, but i feel certain he is hearing nothing through the right one. We have been told he is not eligible for CI in one ear bc he is under 5. And not eligible for bilateral CI bc he can still "hear" in his left ear. Is this accurate? He was prelingual when his hearing loss occurred, so we are very concerned for his speech development and possibly missing the "hearing window". Thanks for any insights you may have for me!
  3. Hello dear friends, longtime for last visit to website, I missed everyone I wish all of you doing great 🌺🙏🏻 Finally, I had another surgery after 4 years back I had a CI on right side and on last month I had a CI on left side. It’s little noisy and robotic sound from left side it will take time to hear normally because almost now 5 years when I became a profound hearing loss because of car accident! Now, I can locate sound from which direction better than before so I advised my colleagues to become bilateral CI if they fit to this procedure. I’m so happy to hear again from both side and I wish for everyone who have any issues in hearing to recover and hearing again. 🌺🙏🏻 Any one have same my implanted? Both side I’m using magnet strength 4, right side concerto (circle magnet) and left side synchrony (triangle magnet) I guess circle magnet more stronger, not easy to fall down and stuck nicely than triangle magnet! Best regards, Hameed
  4. Dear friends, Here in Bahrain they do CI only for one ear for free but second one you should pay. However, they offer me for bilateral implant but I’m satisfied and the second device will help another child need CI. So there is any suggestions I make both side or keep it only one side. The only issue I hated is I cannot recognize sound coming from which side but that not big deal. kindly, I do the right thing to let another child benefit from CI offered me? Best regards Hameed
  5. Dave in Pittsburgh

    Cintipgh (DAve)

    Good afternoon everyone Oct 27,2017 I had my implant,today I went for my one year check up and the very intense hearing test and it was determined that my hearing is failing in what was a good ear so I am now goings to have the other ear taken care of I have a March 22 for the procedure.The audiologist said I’ll be getting the Roger Pen and the Roger Receiver 21 l said I hope it’s more user friendly thean the Quattro and she said yes. I am very excited about this and share my happiness i. If anyone has any advice good or bad please share it Dave
  6. Hi everyone, glad to be here... I have a daughter with CI on left ear, she has her one&only CI 3 years ago and now she's about to be 5 years old (in 3 months) Some doctors and Medel people say that she should have her second implantation. But because it has been 3 years after the first implantation and she's at the age of almost 5, we hesitate to have the second CI surgery. Is there any other children, who have had the same case? If she would be older, like 7 years old or sth like that, we think that if she would want it, we would do it, she could draw her own way. But as she's still 5 years old, the decision is ours to make... and we do really really scared and bewildered about the decision... Can you share some case studies, your case or some academic research about our situation? Thx a lot for your interest... Regards...
  7. Hello All, Fresh to the forum, my 3 year old daughter is getting bilateral MED-EL Implants on Wednesday morning for use with the Sonnet Processor. She has progressive hearing loss due to Connexin 26 and her audiogram shows a decline over the last year leading to her now being severe in one ear and severe/profound in the other although we believe it got a bit worse recently. We are getting retested prior to surgery to ensure we have a baseline and we can know how much existing hearing has been retained post surgery. We are a mixture of nervous and scared paired with excited and optimistic for her future hearing, can anyone offer any advice or tips for our family on the surgery and recovery. Many thanks, Pete
  8. Hi All, My son with profound hearing loss at birth, did the surgery 2 months back when he was 11 months old. August 24th, both sides were activated. And he is progressing well. We bought Sonnet sound processor. Only issue is we did not receive any additional wearing options and rechargeable batteries and battery pack. We received many empty packs. Any one who has the similar experience, please share you thoughts. Thanks in advance.
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