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Found 12 results

  1. Hi HearPeers! Thanks to Kylie from introducing me to this forum. Recently, I decided to go ahead with a CI. I had idiopathic SSHL in my left ear in early 2020. My hearing loss has been stable for the last 12 months, down at the 'severe' level, with 35%-40% word recognition. I'm in the 35-45 age group. My CI surgeon mentioned that I'm eligible for a CI, but up till a few weeks ago I thought I would be fine without any implant at all. I had learnt to live with the hearing loss. In March I had caught a cold with a sore throat (not COVID). On the first day of the cold, my throat was a bit tingly, and I was feeling quite stressed in general. That morning I experienced temporary SSHL in my 'good' ear. A few hours later, I had a hearing test at the hospital, but by then this new SSHL had thankfully disappeared. This experience got me thinking that SSHL in my good ear is a definite possibility and it's the main reason why I've changed my mind to get a CI. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  2. I’m in evaluation for CI for single-sided deafness - sudden idiopathic hearing loss in May 2017 and another major loss in Dec 2019 - only 28% word recognition now and significant tinnitus in bad ear. The other ear is fine. So far, I’m told I am a good candidate for the procedure. I’ve had excellent hearing all my life until these events at age 64. I enjoy travel for work and pleasure and twice in the past two years I have been surprised by persons who touch/grabbed me inappropriately - once on the street in California and another time in India - I am a strong person, but it frightened me to know that I could easily be accosted without any awareness of where the threat was coming because I could not hear the approach. I enjoyed music, social gatherings and eating out until the SSD has made It so difficult to hear/communicate in noisy environments. It definitely has impeded social relationships. My question is: are there others with SSD and looking back, did the CI work/help you? Was it worth the risk? What advice do you have for me as I start this process? Do you find success with the Sonnet 2 or Rondo 2? So Many questions...I appreciate your thoughts!...Thanks in advance for your advice/help!
  3. I’m so interesting to use Artone 3 Max for first time finally it’s arrived to Bahrain I purchased it online from Amazon because of advised from @Mary Beth Thanks dear @Mary Beth
  4. Daniel the Stranger

    Activation May 28

    Hi guys, I was activated today. Very happy with the results so far in the sense that all my electrodes are intact and working as they should. Tested with different sounds, I could differentiate the high from low pitches. Everything sounds like helium, even while I'm typing on the keyboard. Same with voices, all of them sound like helium voices. Wind is the only different sound I have got, I felt it like a person blowing a whistle. Sometimes I need to remove the processor to make sure that I'm getting sounds and not the tinnitus giving me false sensations. Audiologist decided to go for the cautious start and decided to give me to programs with different level of volume. I have to go back next Wednesday as I can "hear" the voices but not the background sound. I went to the gym and the background sound didn't affect me, maybe the mapping was very conservative. Not that I'm complaining though. I will have to use my HA for work but I'm planning on using the CI only as soon as I get home and when I go to the gym. I will keep you posted. Exciting times are coming.
  5. My foster son, Lu, is 3 years old (we have had him since 8 days old) and we are finalizing his adoption next month. We just found out this year through ABR test that Lu has profound hearing loss in his right ear and mod-severe in his left. He was born substance exposed and was in nicu his first week of life. He has been wearing hearing aids for the past 3 months, but i feel certain he is hearing nothing through the right one. We have been told he is not eligible for CI in one ear bc he is under 5. And not eligible for bilateral CI bc he can still "hear" in his left ear. Is this accurate? He was prelingual when his hearing loss occurred, so we are very concerned for his speech development and possibly missing the "hearing window". Thanks for any insights you may have for me!
  6. Hello dear friends, longtime for last visit to website, I missed everyone I wish all of you doing great 🌺🙏🏻 Finally, I had another surgery after 4 years back I had a CI on right side and on last month I had a CI on left side. It’s little noisy and robotic sound from left side it will take time to hear normally because almost now 5 years when I became a profound hearing loss because of car accident! Now, I can locate sound from which direction better than before so I advised my colleagues to become bilateral CI if they fit to this procedure. I’m so happy to hear again from both side and I wish for everyone who have any issues in hearing to recover and hearing again. 🌺🙏🏻 Any one have same my implanted? Both side I’m using magnet strength 4, right side concerto (circle magnet) and left side synchrony (triangle magnet) I guess circle magnet more stronger, not easy to fall down and stuck nicely than triangle magnet! Best regards, Hameed
  7. How long have you been implanted? Or your child if you are a parent of a CI user.
  8. Dear friends, Here in Bahrain they do CI only for one ear for free but second one you should pay. However, they offer me for bilateral implant but I’m satisfied and the second device will help another child need CI. So there is any suggestions I make both side or keep it only one side. The only issue I hated is I cannot recognize sound coming from which side but that not big deal. kindly, I do the right thing to let another child benefit from CI offered me? Best regards Hameed
  9. Renachelw

    Cochlear Implant Help.

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this site. I'm from Singapore. My left ear has bad hearing since young and was discovered when I was 7. When I was 14, the hearing in my right ear suddenly went bad and I started wearing hearing aids. No i'm 21, and the situation has changed. My left ear is now the better ear, and my right ear is profoundly deaf, hearing aids don't help anymore. The doctors have encouraged me to go for CI in my right ear, and I believe that's all I can do now as there are no other options. Hence, I have a few questions and hope that I can find my answers here. I would just like to know if CI will sound very robotic given 2017's technology advancements? I used to have normal hearing and I'm wondering if it will sound very different. Will it eventually sound like normal hearing? Also, I used to play the violin before I got fitted with hearing aids, I was just wondering if it would be possible to play it again? Finally, does anyone use Cochlear's Kanso? Do you get the hair brushing against the mic sound, like hearing aids? Would BTE CI be better? It would be great if you could share your experiences. Thanks everyone
  10. Hi, I recently became ssd in my left ear. I had some questions about cochlear implants. 1. How does a CI sound in one ear compare to normal hearing from the other, will they confuse eachother or will hearing become normal on both sides? 2. Will CI's prevent any future treatment from stem cells in pipeline. 3. Does it matter how much time passes from when i lost my hearing to getting the CO, as I am very much still trying to make a decision on this. 4. Would anyone in the same position share whether they thought it was worth it or better just living with one ear. Or perhaps a bone bridge would be a good solution? 5. Has anyone heard of the advancement in completely in ear CIs? I read an article on this but there seems to be nothing since 2014? Many Thanks
  11. Greetings from Rod Early. I leave near Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I received bilateral cochlear implants in October (right) and December (left) 2015. MedEl Synchrony for the implants themselves, and using the Sonnet and Rondo processors. I was hearing impaired since birth or early childhood and had worn hearing aids since I was 3. CI has been an excellent experience for me. I hear much better with CI over HA. My listening comprehension in a noise-free environment has risen from 40% to nearly 100%. In 5dB noise (heavy noise) my comprehension improved from 3% to about 45%. The ENT surgeon Dr. Harold Pillsbury and the audiologists (primarily Andrea Bucker who works with me but really all of them) and the staff have been great! They gave me the best care and the best "customer service". They are part of the medical center / medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  12. Please just ignore if you're not interested but here's the link to my blog. It STARTED about me getting a CI so do scroll back to the first post I figure it will save me rewriting my opinions and I'm always glad to hear other folks'. http://carolinemack.blogspot.nl/
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