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Found 11 results

  1. I had sudden onset of single sided deafness three and a half years ago in my left ear. It was diagnosed as sensorineuro hearing loss. My right ear has normal hearing but has had one recent surgery to remove inflammatory tissue from my middle ear. Since the onset of hearing loss, I have had great difficulty localizing sound and also hearing in noisy environments. I am hoping that the cochlear implant will help me with these. Localizing sound is a safety issue for me as I do a lot of walking and bicycling in the community. I would love to hear from others with single sided deafness with normal hearing in one ear. I am wondering if anyone in my situation experienced music differently after the CI was in place. My insurance recently approved the cochlear implant and so I need to make a final decision in the next few weeks. One of my biggest fears is not being able to appreciate music as well after the surgery.
  2. Hi , My daughter has single sided deafness on her left ear and we want her to get the cochlear implant for her she is 10 year old, we are so worry that some things may go wrong during surgery. I would love to read some of your experiences during surgery and how difficult it is to recuperate from surgery. ? I know this will help her improve her life so much but we are so scare. Thanks in advance.
  3. I’m a 69 year old male who has had SSD since 1995. The doctors were never able to tell me why I lost my hearing, just that it wasn’t coming back and hearing aids would not help. I recently signed up for Medicare and discovered that they might pay for an implant. I was evaluated a week ago and qualified. In a quiet environment, I got 5% of the words correct. In a noisy environment I got 0% correct. These were both through my bad ear only. When using both ears the the numbers were significantly higher, but not as high as one might think. I’ve had the CT scan and everything was nominal. Next up is a visit with the surgeon where we will pick the brand and model of the implant.
  4. Hi everyone, So with my rapidly declining hearing, I'm left with almost no hearing in my right ear. I am scheduled for a surgery on 14th August which is really soon. The problem is, my usual doct is no longer with the hospital and im given another doct which is experienced (14 years), but I do not trust as much. He told me that the following are complications from the surgery, but are very rare: -Meningitis (I took 2 vacines for this already) -Facial Paralysis (Is this reversible does anyone know?) -Lost of sense of taste -Infection -Implant might not work Well, I am most afraid facial paralysis, migraines, and losing my sense of taste. I'm not really worried about being cut up or losing my residual hearing. Im worried about the after effects and how my life will be after that.. I'm only 21 I don't want to screw up my life by 1 surgery. Ok the main thing is, this doct says I dont need any more scans as my last scan was in 2015. Is this reliable? My family is really so emotional now over me getting surgery, that none of us can relax and make sound decisions. Do I go ahead with the surgery? Is there any safe steps I should follow before going for the surgery? Am i panicking too much? Please help.
  5. Ernie


    Hello I have had my implant for 4 weeks and I what to know what people do for a haircut. Do you shave the area where the processor goes or use Nair or what. Now my wife curs it with hair clippers everyday, If not it falls off 60 times a day. does some one make a shaver that just shaves a round area the size of a half dollar. I cut out a piece of plastic and when my wife is ready to cut my hair. I put on the cochlear processor and mare sure it is in the right place. She then puts the plastic cut out around it and removes the processor . and cuts everything in the circle with a small clipper. This works but I have to do it everyday because the hair grows out (not shaved) and pushes to implant off my head 50 to 60 times a day. It is better when I wear a hat but I am not the hat kind of guy.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and here's our backstory. We discovered that my son is profoundly deaf in his left ear at his kindergarten screen. He passed his newborn screen with no issues. We were shocked as he has apparently adapted very well and you would never know. Hears perfectly out of his right ear, does well in school so far (he's now in first grade) and is very athletic. The cause of his hearing loss is unknown but we're guessing it was early in life as he has adapted so well and doesn't seem to know any different (to the point where he doesn't even fully accept that he has hearing loss). He has been seen at several clinics and is considered a good candidate for CI at least anatomically (nerve is present and fully formed). Since he has adjusted so well it does make the decision on doing a CI challenging, but we're leaning towards doing it to give him the benefit or full binaural hearing and also to keep the nerve on that side stimulated as who knows what future therapies might be available and accessible to him. I'm interested in anyone who has gone through a similar decision process and how you decided on the Medel cochlear implant for your child. Thank you!
  7. Daniel the Stranger

    Activation May 28

    Hi guys, I was activated today. Very happy with the results so far in the sense that all my electrodes are intact and working as they should. Tested with different sounds, I could differentiate the high from low pitches. Everything sounds like helium, even while I'm typing on the keyboard. Same with voices, all of them sound like helium voices. Wind is the only different sound I have got, I felt it like a person blowing a whistle. Sometimes I need to remove the processor to make sure that I'm getting sounds and not the tinnitus giving me false sensations. Audiologist decided to go for the cautious start and decided to give me to programs with different level of volume. I have to go back next Wednesday as I can "hear" the voices but not the background sound. I went to the gym and the background sound didn't affect me, maybe the mapping was very conservative. Not that I'm complaining though. I will have to use my HA for work but I'm planning on using the CI only as soon as I get home and when I go to the gym. I will keep you posted. Exciting times are coming.
  8. This week, doctors tried to do me a MRI and it was not possible. The MRI machine was 1.5 Tesla, but in the moment I entered in the tube I felt an moderate/intense pain. It was was increasing during the time. They took me out of there in few seconds. Really I don't know what happened because I understood MRI was possible with my CI. They follow the recommended indications. Have had someone same issue?
  9. Mo W

    My Story

    Hi Everyone, My name is Mo , I am a 28 yr old science teacher in NY and this is my abridged story. After a few years of intermittent tinnitus ear pressure, and vertigo, I was diagnosed with unilateral Meniere's Disease at the age of 18 in 2007. Over the course of the next 9 years, I was on diuretics, a low sodium diet, steroids, steroid injections, etc and things only really helped to slow it down. My ENT very quickly realized that this was a rapidly progressing version of Meniere's ( instead of the many decades long progression that most people have) and referred me to a Meniere's specialist in 2015 and she was very aggressive with treatment to try and get a handle on things, specifically the hearing loss that I was starting to notice, but nothing seemed to help. By this time, I was getting 6-8 hour long vertigo attacks 3-4 days a week, essentially rendering me non functioning on a regular basis. Left with only surgical options, I chose to have a labarynthectomy instead of having a shunt put in because I wanted to ensure that vertigo would no longer occur.... even knowing that I would be deaf in that ear as a result of the surgery. In my mind, life without hearing is just a different form of life; life with vertigo is not life at all. I wont go into too manhy details, but in the end of August 2016 I had my labarynthectomy. Anyone who has gone through the procedure can attest to the unimaginable hell that ensued in the weeks following the surgery ( CFS leak, Pain, TMJ, Bells Palsy, No Balance, Shingles outbreak.Deafness, Anaphylaxis etc just to name a few of things I had to deal with). Thankfully at this point I am mostly recovered as best as I will ever be, but thank gd I have not had a single vertigo attack since the days following my surgery... I have never gone 10 months without vertigo since I had my first attack in high school. I have been dealing with the deafness on one side as best I can, but my doctor has been pushing me to get a CI as soon as possible due to the fact that the sooner you get it after sudden hearing loss the higher likelihood of it "working" and I am really having a difficult time with directional hearing and hearing in crowds. I am scheduled to have my CI implanted this coming Wednesday (7/12) and I decided to go with the Med El implant ( after many months of trying to find research of which company would suit me best and finding little to no data that is relevant to my specific situation). I really hope its the right choice for me, but I guess there is no turning back now. I am getting one of each of the two processors (one behind the ear/on head and the one thats only on the the head). I am hoping there is someone out there on this forum that can provide some insight on what to expect in regards to activation and the hearing two separate types of sounds coming in from the two ears, etc . Ive heard everything I can from the audiologist on what to expect, but hands on experience is where I really want to hear it. I look forward to joining the hearpeers community and contributing as best I can!
  10. Daniel Pinto

    Hello from Portugal

    Hello , I' m father of one child that was born deaf of right hear and with loss on left hear. He started using a hearing aid device at left hear and latter on he was implanted on right hear with a cochlear implant. He is eleven now and his speaking therapist strongly recommended that we buy a FM aid system for school purposes. This device should pair both hearing devices. The devices my son uses are: - Right hear: Coclear implant brand Med-El, model OPUS 2 & Rondo - Left hear: Hearing aid, brand WIDEX, model Fashion Power Unique 220. I really would appreciate if someone could recommend the ideal FM aid system that could pair and work fine with these hearing aids my son is using. Many thanks
  11. WenD

    New Here

    Hi Just had my surgery on May 26th, and my implant was activated on July 8th. What a month this has been with learning, experimenting, and getting much more social again. I have auto immune inner ear disease, and the meds just stopped working last August. Downhill from there until the CI was the best, and probably only, sensible option. What a relief. I am thrilled. I have so many questions and still a way to go to using everything. Glad to be here too.
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