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Found 7 results

  1. singlesideddeafdad

    CI Recipient June 25, 2021

    Hey all - Another one in the mix - glad to be a part of something with some better accessibility than flipping through hashtags and posts on IG and Twitter. Looking forward to making some connections and helping others with questions or banter, too! Have a great day! Nick Ruff Don't Forget; You are enough, you deserve this, you can do it & I know you can!
  2. Hi! We have a person who has a Cochlear Baha 4 Sound Processor that works for us and currently she cannot answer the phone. She came to us and asked if there was a way for her to be able to answer the regular corded phone so she did not have to have other coworkers do it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can help her answer the phone without using the speaker phone? Is there a device out there that people use for a corded phone without Bluetooth. I am having a hard time finding any options to accommodate her. Please help with any ideas!!
  3. When AudioLink will available in market?
  4. iHM24


    Dear friends, just upgraded from Opus 2 to Sonnet. really I like it, but it came without recharchable battery kit also without DL-Coil because they told me DL-Coil magnets different coming with triangle icons not like ordinary coil coming with circles icons on magnets even no mini battery pack! So, it came only with normal battery pack with two battery covers, fm battery cover and microphone cover. what do you think about kits I received with Sonnet? batteries less than 48h working I’m using Quattro 4.0 to watch TV, calling, playing on iPhone so like that I thought battery died quickly I tried both Zinc air company’s I didn’t touch any difference between them!
  5. Hi All, Have you seen this?? To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week Ear Science have released a video on their latest research investigating if stem cells can cure hearing loss! Imagine if instead of receiving a hearing device, new hearing cells were transplanted into your ears. Here's the link to the video. Wishing you all a very happy hearing awareness week, Michael
  6. Hi. Just got cochlear in February and hooked up in March. Had 3 severe dizzy episodes since. Last one just wearing off. Any advice? Been doing PT, taking steroids, meclizine. Just got CT scan that shows implant electrode 'tip flipped' but surgeon not sure that would be cause. Really don't want that 'revision' surgery?
  7. I'm using a Cochlear Nucleus 5 (cochlear implant) for half a year now and I've been struggling to have great audio quality at my phone calls. My wish would be to connect the smartphone to the Nucleus 5 wirelessly the same way the 3.5mm jack would do. I've been searching online but I've not found a great solution yet. I've read about telecoil but, as far as I've read, my smartphone is M3T3 and I therefore would have good telecoil but I only can listen to my phone on calls by directing the phone's speaker to my Nucleus 5 microfone (I think the telecoil system isn't working here, right?) Summary: For the ones having a cochlear implant, how do you use it with your smartphone? Is there any great wireless way of connecting the smartphone to the cochlear implant for answering calls and (maybe listening to music)? Thank you all in advance
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