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Found 5 results

  1. Are you only one in your families with hearing loss, does your families know sign language?Yes or no? Does u feel ignore or not included with your families? Does feel tired of reading lips? I have all of these feeling still today and it to be graining and frustrating and don't u dislikes when your families tell u later on or nevermind it is important, or can u hear me?, That is so damn annoying.
  2. I received my bilateral cochlear implants in 2018 and I continue to struggle daily to hear and understand. I have readjustments every 3-6 months with my audiologist and for the most part I guess it helps. What can I do? Is there a online workbook? I very much feel deaf and sometimes I wonder if it would be easier if I was.
  3. Hi All! I'm new to the Med El community and I've recently been implanted on my left side - 3 weeks ago tomorrow. My surgery went very smooth and my surgeon got the implant wrapped around the cochlea the first try. Amazing! Recovery was rough though - terrible nausea and vertigo Tuesday and part of Wednesday, went away and came back Friday to Sunday. A week after the surgery I really started to feel better, just a little tired. Now at almost week 3, I feel so much better! Almost my normal self. The only thing that bothers me now is the tenderness in certain spots by the incision and the feeling of an alien object on the side of my head. Does that go away??? My activation is on Friday, Nov. 11. It's very close and I'm excited but not too excited. My left ear has not really been working for about 20 years and I accept that I may not understand anyone or hear anything at first. Definitely trying to keep expectations in check. Since we're being honest, I almost went with Cochlear Americas. I am SO happy I didn't! At the last minute I changed my mind because the Med El implant was more advanced and better designed. Additionally, the content of the forums and blog articles were better and more useful to me. I was beginning to think no one had a hard time after the surgery until I came on here and read other people's stories. Thank you all for being honest about post-surgery and not minimizing the struggle to feel better after getting implanted! I don't feel so alone now Looking forward to getting know everyone and learning your stories! *Megan
  4. My foster son, Lu, is 3 years old (we have had him since 8 days old) and we are finalizing his adoption next month. We just found out this year through ABR test that Lu has profound hearing loss in his right ear and mod-severe in his left. He was born substance exposed and was in nicu his first week of life. He has been wearing hearing aids for the past 3 months, but i feel certain he is hearing nothing through the right one. We have been told he is not eligible for CI in one ear bc he is under 5. And not eligible for bilateral CI bc he can still "hear" in his left ear. Is this accurate? He was prelingual when his hearing loss occurred, so we are very concerned for his speech development and possibly missing the "hearing window". Thanks for any insights you may have for me!
  5. Hi All, Have you seen this?? To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week Ear Science have released a video on their latest research investigating if stem cells can cure hearing loss! Imagine if instead of receiving a hearing device, new hearing cells were transplanted into your ears. Here's the link to the video. Wishing you all a very happy hearing awareness week, Michael
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