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Found 6 results

  1. Hello dear friends, longtime for last visit to website, I missed everyone I wish all of you doing great ๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป Finally, I had another surgery after 4 years back I had a CI on right side and on last month I had a CI on left side. Itโ€™s little noisy and robotic sound from left side it will take time to hear normally because almost now 5 years when I became a profound hearing loss because of car accident! Now, I can locate sound from which direction better than before so I advised my colleagues to become bilateral CI if they fit to this procedure. Iโ€™m so happy to hear again from both side and I wish for everyone who have any issues in hearing to recover and hearing again. ๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป Any one have same my implanted? Both side Iโ€™m using magnet strength 4, right side concerto (circle magnet) and left side synchrony (triangle magnet) I guess circle magnet more stronger, not easy to fall down and stuck nicely than triangle magnet! Best regards, Hameed
  2. Hello. Just reaching out to see if there is anyone else living with a EAS Cochlear. I am a recent recipient (March 2018). Not what I expected, having difficulties adjusting. I understand everyone is different, just wondering if this is the โ€œnormโ€ and it could take months before I am comfortable. What is anyone else experiencing?
  3. As I am doing my research into this wonderful world of cochlear implantation, I am focusing on what I believe is the single most important piece of the puzzle - the internal electrode array. That is what causes an implantee to marry a specific brand for life. I've learned about Med El's electrode arrays, and like their features such as electrode positioning and the wavy wiring versus straight wiring to be more flexible within the cochlea itself. Now, I am curious as to the technology of the little "black box" which I presume is like a graphic equalizer which takes the input from the processor received by the internal coil and separates it by frequency and sends the specific frequency to the correct electrode for stimulation. But I want to know more about whats inside and how it does what it does. Being an ex IT professional, I am curious is this more of an "intel" versus "AMD" architecture issue between the companies, or are they all using the same technology within, just branding it differently. Like batteries or antifreeze, there are only one or two manufacturers who MAKE the product, but each company labels and may make superficial changes to be able to call the battery or antifreeze "theirs". Hope I am not too techie with this post, but if Im going to marry something for life, I wanna know all the skeletons in the closet before I commit. ;P Thanks, FarmTownBob!
  4. lions2017

    Hello From Arkansas

    Hello all. i am currently looking into getting a Cochlear Implant. I am 35 years old. I began losing my hearing when I was 9 years old. I have nerve deafness, and I am told that I am down to 24% in the area of speech recognition. I should also mention that I was born totally blind. What I am seeing so far from researching the pros and cons, is that speech perception with the implants is usually pretty awesome. Music on the other hand, is very poor. I have been told that my music appreciation will drop to zero. I am wondering if any of you play music. If so, do you play solo, in a band, or both? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi. Just got cochlear in February and hooked up in March. Had 3 severe dizzy episodes since. Last one just wearing off. Any advice? Been doing PT, taking steroids, meclizine. Just got CT scan that shows implant electrode 'tip flipped' but surgeon not sure that would be cause. Really don't want that 'revision' surgery?
  6. I'm using a Cochlear Nucleus 5 (cochlear implant) for half a year now and I've been struggling to have great audio quality at my phone calls. My wish would be to connect the smartphone to the Nucleus 5 wirelessly the same way the 3.5mm jack would do. I've been searching online but I've not found a great solution yet. I've read about telecoil but, as far as I've read, my smartphone is M3T3 and I therefore would have good telecoil but I only can listen to my phone on calls by directing the phone's speaker to my Nucleus 5 microfone (I think the telecoil system isn't working here, right?) Summary: For the ones having a cochlear implant, how do you use it with your smartphone? Is there any great wireless way of connecting the smartphone to the cochlear implant for answering calls and (maybe listening to music)? Thank you all in advance
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