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Found 3 results

  1. How often do you go to MAPping appointments?
  2. KrisHS

    Fine Tuner

    I received a huge box in the post today. Everything that was on back order arrived on my doorstep. Received my dry box, rechargeable batteries, and my fine tuner. I understand everything about my fine tuner except for the program buttons. I could not locate anything on the net that gave instructions for use. Also, am I suppose to carry my fine tuner with me at all times?
  3. Hi All -- I was implanted in left ear early Jan and have been activated for about 2 weeks. My right ear has pretty bad SNL loss -- Low frequencies not terrible but no high frequencies. Everything I have seen described on other posts sounds familiar: Bloody nose, tinnitus, vertigo after surgery... but for me all pretty mild and largely gone now. My audi did an informal test at activation to test residual hearing in my left ear. Not sure the outcome -- I was supposed to get Sonnet EAS but they sent regular sonnet by mistake so they will swap my next visit which is this Wednesday. But it seems I'm pretty much deaf in the left ear now so not even sure I will use the EAS. I have to say after listening with a CI for two weeks I am kinda surprised I got along as well as I did with my hearing as bad as it was/is (my poor friends and family!) . My right ear and left ear started out as sort of two sound tracks that did not quite merge -- high frequencies on the CI left ear and low frequencies on the right ear. Over time these have merged and sound largely in sync now. The result is life changing for sure with respect to communicating with my family and friends. Music is definitely a challenge. As a professional jazz guitarist most of my life I can play stuff I have been playing for 30 years that I know like the back of my hand how it should sound and it is fascinating how the CI is trying to work out the overall sound. Lots of amazing new electronic beeps and buzzes. Perhaps the most exciting thing for me is that I can hear drums pretty clearly again: Cymbals, high-hat, snare, etc. . I love drums and when I listen to some tracks just being able to hear them in all their glory again is thrilling, despite the truly strange other sounds that just sound like squeals and such of the other instruments. This is not at all depressing to me as I was well prepared for this thanks to preparatory discussions from many of you 🙂 Anyway, I can see this is a long road, and I have not even done the first real mapping session yet, but even if nothing else changes it will have been worth it. I got a 2 for one deal so I have both a Sonnet and a Rondo 2. Tend to like the sonnet better for it's directional mics, but I switch between them for hours each and am getting used to the omni-directional mic in R2. I would think both would benefit from individual maps (my R2 is just my initial sonnet map copied over so far). My initial programs are just 4 different volume levels, and also I can adjust sensitivity. Any tips for what to put on the 4 different programs at my initial mapping session this week? I definitely want a music program with all the filters etc turned off...but any other ideas would be helpful.
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