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Found 2 results

  1. I mentioned in a post back in August that the hospital where I was implanted ( London, Ontario) has a staff shortage of CI-trained audiologists. As a result, access between quarterly appointments (during first year after implementation) is pretty much impossible. If you aren't happy with your mapping, you have to wait for your next appointment. The shortage has become so severe, that my final quarterly session (one-year anniversary) has been pushed back three months due to one audiologist being unavailable. Thus it will be almost eight months after my last appointment for my next session. I am
  2. Last week I had a very frustrating day and I'm still reacting to it. I am 3 months activated today. It seems like my progress is slow but my audiologist thinks I'm doing fine. I have a MedEl hybrid CI. I wear a hearing aid in one ear but I've not been wearing it while I get use to the CI. Some of the things that I'm struggling with follow: I hear two voices at once. One sounds more natural and the other is under and lower than the natural voice and seems to trail a little behind. It's sort of like an echo but I don't hear it on single words usually. I hear it more in sentences and especia
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