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Found 7 results

  1. Hello All, I was fitted with Soundbridge about 1 year ago - I Love it! As I just broke one of the small clips in my Matt Black Samba cover I had to swich back to the shiny black one that came with the processor. It made me realise that I am lucky to have two (black) options - none of the other covers I received in the package are much use to me (see photo) and it made me think that if there were a UK contact group for this them we could possibly help one another. Particularly - possibly - exchanging some covers !! Thus - I would love to hear from you if you are in UK and have Vibrant Sound bridge and perhaps - if there is interest we can make a sub forum on this site - or something. Best Regards, Jon
  2. Hi! I’ve recently had a Bonebridge implant put in for the left ear (about 1 month ago) and the past few days I’ve had itchiness around where the magnet is implanted under the skin. Is this normal? Or is my skin just sensitive? I am skin sensitive to a lot of things such as bandaids, soap and deodorant. Thanks in advance!
  3. When AudioLink will available in market?
  4. Hello dear friends, longtime for last visit to website, I missed everyone I wish all of you doing great 🌺🙏🏻 Finally, I had another surgery after 4 years back I had a CI on right side and on last month I had a CI on left side. It’s little noisy and robotic sound from left side it will take time to hear normally because almost now 5 years when I became a profound hearing loss because of car accident! Now, I can locate sound from which direction better than before so I advised my colleagues to become bilateral CI if they fit to this procedure. I’m so happy to hear again from both side and I wish for everyone who have any issues in hearing to recover and hearing again. 🌺🙏🏻 Any one have same my implanted? Both side I’m using magnet strength 4, right side concerto (circle magnet) and left side synchrony (triangle magnet) I guess circle magnet more stronger, not easy to fall down and stuck nicely than triangle magnet! Best regards, Hameed
  5. Dear friends, Here in Bahrain they do CI only for one ear for free but second one you should pay. However, they offer me for bilateral implant but I’m satisfied and the second device will help another child need CI. So there is any suggestions I make both side or keep it only one side. The only issue I hated is I cannot recognize sound coming from which side but that not big deal. kindly, I do the right thing to let another child benefit from CI offered me? Best regards Hameed
  6. iHM24

    Sonnet accessories

    Dear friends, I want online shopping for Sonnet, I want battery covers and microphone covers I want to mixed colors because here in Bahrain Sonnet microphone cover cost around 240$ and battery cover around 400$ !! so any suggestions? Thank you Hameed
  7. Greetings from Rod Early. I leave near Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I received bilateral cochlear implants in October (right) and December (left) 2015. MedEl Synchrony for the implants themselves, and using the Sonnet and Rondo processors. I was hearing impaired since birth or early childhood and had worn hearing aids since I was 3. CI has been an excellent experience for me. I hear much better with CI over HA. My listening comprehension in a noise-free environment has risen from 40% to nearly 100%. In 5dB noise (heavy noise) my comprehension improved from 3% to about 45%. The ENT surgeon Dr. Harold Pillsbury and the audiologists (primarily Andrea Bucker who works with me but really all of them) and the staff have been great! They gave me the best care and the best "customer service". They are part of the medical center / medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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