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Found 10 results

  1. I had sudden onset of single sided deafness three and a half years ago in my left ear. It was diagnosed as sensorineuro hearing loss. My right ear has normal hearing but has had one recent surgery to remove inflammatory tissue from my middle ear. Since the onset of hearing loss, I have had great difficulty localizing sound and also hearing in noisy environments. I am hoping that the cochlear implant will help me with these. Localizing sound is a safety issue for me as I do a lot of walking and bicycling in the community. I would love to hear from others with single sided deafness with normal hearing in one ear. I am wondering if anyone in my situation experienced music differently after the CI was in place. My insurance recently approved the cochlear implant and so I need to make a final decision in the next few weeks. One of my biggest fears is not being able to appreciate music as well after the surgery.
  2. John F

    Background Music gone

    Hello For the last few weeks I’ve become more and more aware that while speech is fine mostly, I’m not hearing any music from tv shows or movies in the background. I’ve tried this for oodles of viewings such as but not limited to: - LOTR movies (all three) - Carnival Row - Brothers & Sisters - Hilary & Jackie - Ferris Bueller etc… I’ve tried various setups such as: - With/Without Artone - With / Without AudioStream - Change between program 1 & 2 (2 is supposedly aimed towards music) There’s simply nothing in the background and is getting quite irritating. If I listen to just music, it mostly poorly comes through but otherwise nothing when watching movies or shows. Anybody experienced this? Is it really just some warped brain adjustment deal one person in another group half suggested or is there something up with the programs on my CI devices? Audi already said I should be hearing the music moreso than speech normally which tbh I’m unsure exactly how to interpret that and doesn’t exactly help rectify this dealio. Is there something in the software that could be dampening through background music?
  3. I have purchased the Artone 3 Max & TVB combo. I am able to get the processors to work with the Artone max 3. I don't understand the instructions for the TVB. I have searched the web for any instructional videos but came up empty. Can anyone out there help?
  4. Jewel

    My First Concert

    Hi everyone. I attended my first concert since getting my CI last year. It was a couple of local musicians as well as Air Supply. I decided to wear my Sonnet to this outdoor event. There were over 1500 people in attendance. Some of the performers I was hearing for the first time ever, so I wasn't acquainted with their music. The first one I could hardly make out the actual lyrics but I was able to make out the music. Maybe I couldn't make out the lyrics cos the performer had the mic so close to her mouth. Things got better with the male performers, and I recognised some tunes. When Air Supply came on they had some strong electric bass guitars that kinda drowned out the lyrics sometimes. And sometimes it took a while for me to figure out which song was being sung. I had to keep my Fine Tuner out and keep adjusting to see which setting I heard best in. I think Natural and Omni were best. When the MC and others on the platform spoke I heard them loud and clear. Note I was sitting maybe in row 30! I was pretty pleased how things went as this wouldn't have possible had I not had my CI. I just hope my audi can tweak things so next time the experience is even better! What mic setting do you use for concerts? And what has been your experience?
  5. Hello! I'm a social activist mixed media artist and I have a campaign going on right now where I'm looking for pictures of people who wear cochlear implants with musical instruments to inspire my paintings in honor of International Cochlear Implant Awareness Day (February 25th) - see image here for an example. To send me a picture, please go to: https://myluckyears.com/valentines/ To see my art related to hearing loss, visit: https://myluckyears.com Images can be submitted until the 25th. Don't worry about the picture being perfect. I will be adapting and using my creativity and imagination to create the final piece. 😄
  6. Megan L.

    Pandora Music

    Maybe I’m late to the Pandora Party, but now a good amount of songs have lyrics included! I found it today when I was shuffling through my Maroon 5 & Flo Rida stations ? I know we have some newly activated/switched on people (and soon to be activated) and thought it might help! Tag anyone I missed!!! @Mary Featherston @Kara of Canada @stranger @Dave in Pittsburgh
  7. Marjorie Monroe-Fischer

    Greetings! Any former musicians?

    Hello! I am Marjorie Monroe-Fischer, and a complete newbie! I was implanted 11 days ago, and get ‘turned on’ next Tuesday. I am anxious about how quickly I will be able to understand speech, and how well I will be able to hear music. I have been a professional musician my whole life until losing my hearing 4 years ago. I have a doctorate in conducting - my hearing was exceptional. Were any of you musicians before hearing loss? I would love to chat with you!! Actually, I would love to chat with anyone who has gone through this recently enough to remember their beginning with a CI. Thanks, Marjorie
  8. lions2017

    Hello From Arkansas

    Hello all. i am currently looking into getting a Cochlear Implant. I am 35 years old. I began losing my hearing when I was 9 years old. I have nerve deafness, and I am told that I am down to 24% in the area of speech recognition. I should also mention that I was born totally blind. What I am seeing so far from researching the pros and cons, is that speech perception with the implants is usually pretty awesome. Music on the other hand, is very poor. I have been told that my music appreciation will drop to zero. I am wondering if any of you play music. If so, do you play solo, in a band, or both? Thank you in advance.
  9. Heywayne

    Musical Ear Syndrome

    If you follow the link below, you will find an amusing cartoon about the ghost music some of us are hearing. I'm currently listening to the same repeated passage from "America the Beautiful" with a backdrop sound of a crying baby. Not great for relaxation. http://www.gocomics.com/pickles/2016/11/27
  10. gracefully

    I am hearing again!

    Hello Hearpeers I am overwhelmed with happiness to be hearing again ... But I will go to the beginning of my story... I had NEVER had any issues with ears or hearing at all until this past January (2016) when I went to my doctor with pressure in one ear and was told it was a viral ear infection. This virus proceeded to knock out ALL hearing in BOTH EARS within 3 weeks. By February 14, I was completely deaf in both ears. Profoundly. Also my balance was affected and I am still quite dizzy. Tinnitus was enough to cause me much grief ...It continues but when the CI is on it is not too noticeable. My head feels full and heavy and dizzy affecting vision also . I was fortunate to have the cochlear implant surgery on May 26 and activation on June 23 , so it has been a month now of hearing again. I have had 3 programming sessions with the audiologist and am working at improving the music aspect of it. Music had always been a large part of my life so it is a disappointment to hear mostly noise ...I had been taking cello lessons but have not had the confidence to resume and I am told that my singing is very off. I played the piano today trying to remember how the pieces used to sound. Aside of the challenges of hearing I continue to feel unstable with vestibular disease which I am being treated for with physiotherapy. It is a blessing to have my children and grandchildren in my city, London Ontario and especially since I was widowed 4 years ago and am on my own. I am seriously pursuing a second implant in Toronto and have begun communications. I wonder if anyone has any experiences/ comments /suggestions about the second implant or any of my challenges. It feels extremely lonely as people cannot see what I am dealing with. I have found it difficult to maintain some friendships which has been a source of sadness also. Other relationships have become stronger though. Then recently just 2 weeks after my activation, My mother age 93 had a large stroke and died 11 days later, leaving an emptiness as she was a loving caring mom. I was able to have one good long visit with her again since activation... On June 7, on my way to see her, I was rear ended at a red light not far from my home, which has added to my dizziness I believe. Still... I have found it thrilling to hear again and hope for improvements in the near future. I am 66 years old, retired from teaching and was enjoying theatre, concerts and travel as well as family events. I also hoped to find a new partner but I wonder if my new condition will frighten a possible partner. I would love to meet people who are dealing with the same difficulties so this site offers possibilities for us. thank you for reading my story. I look forward to hearing from you.
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