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Found 8 results

  1. I’m a 69 year old male who has had SSD since 1995. The doctors were never able to tell me why I lost my hearing, just that it wasn’t coming back and hearing aids would not help. I recently signed up for Medicare and discovered that they might pay for an implant. I was evaluated a week ago and qualified. In a quiet environment, I got 5% of the words correct. In a noisy environment I got 0% correct. These were both through my bad ear only. When using both ears the the numbers were significantly higher, but not as high as one might think. I’ve had the CT scan and everything was nominal. Next up is a visit with the surgeon where we will pick the brand and model of the implant.
  2. singlesideddeafdad

    CI Recipient June 25, 2021

    Hey all - Another one in the mix - glad to be a part of something with some better accessibility than flipping through hashtags and posts on IG and Twitter. Looking forward to making some connections and helping others with questions or banter, too! Have a great day! Nick Ruff Don't Forget; You are enough, you deserve this, you can do it & I know you can!
  3. Just today had my third mapping. Audi says hearing natural sounds is good but understanding words not so good. Suggests more and a wider verity of practice. I am hearing lots of things I am not used to hearing like keys clicking on computer, turn signal clicking in the auto, running water, and such. I can tell that someone is talking and can tell that they are saying sentences but understanding the words not so good.
  4. Today I had a wonderful WOW moment that I wanted to share. I had my single sided CI activated about 4 weeks ago (Flex 24 with a Rondo 2). I have been dedicated to not wearing my hearing aid in my other ear so that I could get my brain used to hearing through my CI. I just started wearing both my hearing aid and using my CI together. Last week I thought I could hear the direction of a bird singing, but wasn't sure if it was a fluke or lucky guess. Today I did an experiment with my daughter. I blind folded myself and she ran around me in circles and stopped and made a little noise. I pointed in the direction that I thought she was, and then removed my blindfold. I got it right EVERY time!!! It was amazing! I haven't been able to tell the direction of sound for almost 19 years. Today, thanks to my CI, I can. Wow, wow, wow!! I would be interested in "hearing" about other peoples' wow moments.
  5. As I am doing my research into this wonderful world of cochlear implantation, I am focusing on what I believe is the single most important piece of the puzzle - the internal electrode array. That is what causes an implantee to marry a specific brand for life. I've learned about Med El's electrode arrays, and like their features such as electrode positioning and the wavy wiring versus straight wiring to be more flexible within the cochlea itself. Now, I am curious as to the technology of the little "black box" which I presume is like a graphic equalizer which takes the input from the processor received by the internal coil and separates it by frequency and sends the specific frequency to the correct electrode for stimulation. But I want to know more about whats inside and how it does what it does. Being an ex IT professional, I am curious is this more of an "intel" versus "AMD" architecture issue between the companies, or are they all using the same technology within, just branding it differently. Like batteries or antifreeze, there are only one or two manufacturers who MAKE the product, but each company labels and may make superficial changes to be able to call the battery or antifreeze "theirs". Hope I am not too techie with this post, but if Im going to marry something for life, I wanna know all the skeletons in the closet before I commit. ;P Thanks, FarmTownBob!
  6. Rosemary


    I have a high frequency hearing loss and a candidate for a hybrid CI (Synchrony EAS System) with surgery scheduled for May 2, 2018. I have not made my final company selection yet but lean toward MedEl. I am especially interested in hearing about others with a similar type of loss and experience with the Synchrony EAS implant.
  7. Hello, I am new to this whole Cochlear Implant idea. Though I've struggled with my hearing nearly all my life (and I'm 42), it never crossed my mind that eventually I'd be a candidate for a CI. I was diagnosed with Otosclerosis in 1998 and had a Stapedectomy surgery in my left ear. It worked tremendously but over the years it decreased. I finally got a Miracle Ear hearing aid in 2011 because it was starting to get hard to understand people. It worked fabulously and I felt like I had gotten back into life again for awhile. But all that changed in 2014 when I had a wax build-up and the hearing aid specialist didn't make sure I heard her on a check-up, she was always talking to me when I didn't have my hearing aid in which on something as important as wax-build up you would think she'd make sure I clearly understood her. Anyway, the next visit nearly a month later I was noticing I couldn't hear as well and she was astonished. Told me she had informed me I needed to get the wax cleaned out on the last visit, but I didn't hear her correctly I guess. She told me it was urgent I get to an ENT. When I went, I had an ear infection and fluid built up in my ear. Long story short, I lost the hearing in that ear for the most part. I got 2 words right out of 25 during the hearing test. (This is also the ear that the CI will be in). I did get a hearing aid for my right ear but I can no longer hear music well and just basic conversations with people are becoming a tad stressful. I have my Speech thing on Aug 3rd and honestly I really don't know what to expect. So any help anyone can give in this would be extremely helpful. You know, what to expect etc. Right now I'm considering the Rondo or Kanso as I work an active job and I really don't want the BTE piece if it can be avoided. I just need to know who those are recommended for and if they are just as good as the BTE ones. I do know that I sweat a lot at my job and workout regularly so I need a device that I don't need to worry about sweating all over. Any help is appreciated and it's so wonderful knowing that I'm not the only one going through this journey.'
  8. WenD

    New Here

    Hi Just had my surgery on May 26th, and my implant was activated on July 8th. What a month this has been with learning, experimenting, and getting much more social again. I have auto immune inner ear disease, and the meds just stopped working last August. Downhill from there until the CI was the best, and probably only, sensible option. What a relief. I am thrilled. I have so many questions and still a way to go to using everything. Glad to be here too.
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