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Found 1 result

  1. gracefully

    I am hearing again!

    Hello Hearpeers I am overwhelmed with happiness to be hearing again ... But I will go to the beginning of my story... I had NEVER had any issues with ears or hearing at all until this past January (2016) when I went to my doctor with pressure in one ear and was told it was a viral ear infection. This virus proceeded to knock out ALL hearing in BOTH EARS within 3 weeks. By February 14, I was completely deaf in both ears. Profoundly. Also my balance was affected and I am still quite dizzy. Tinnitus was enough to cause me much grief ...It continues but when the CI is on it is not too noticeable. My head feels full and heavy and dizzy affecting vision also . I was fortunate to have the cochlear implant surgery on May 26 and activation on June 23 , so it has been a month now of hearing again. I have had 3 programming sessions with the audiologist and am working at improving the music aspect of it. Music had always been a large part of my life so it is a disappointment to hear mostly noise ...I had been taking cello lessons but have not had the confidence to resume and I am told that my singing is very off. I played the piano today trying to remember how the pieces used to sound. Aside of the challenges of hearing I continue to feel unstable with vestibular disease which I am being treated for with physiotherapy. It is a blessing to have my children and grandchildren in my city, London Ontario and especially since I was widowed 4 years ago and am on my own. I am seriously pursuing a second implant in Toronto and have begun communications. I wonder if anyone has any experiences/ comments /suggestions about the second implant or any of my challenges. It feels extremely lonely as people cannot see what I am dealing with. I have found it difficult to maintain some friendships which has been a source of sadness also. Other relationships have become stronger though. Then recently just 2 weeks after my activation, My mother age 93 had a large stroke and died 11 days later, leaving an emptiness as she was a loving caring mom. I was able to have one good long visit with her again since activation... On June 7, on my way to see her, I was rear ended at a red light not far from my home, which has added to my dizziness I believe. Still... I have found it thrilling to hear again and hope for improvements in the near future. I am 66 years old, retired from teaching and was enjoying theatre, concerts and travel as well as family events. I also hoped to find a new partner but I wonder if my new condition will frighten a possible partner. I would love to meet people who are dealing with the same difficulties so this site offers possibilities for us. thank you for reading my story. I look forward to hearing from you.
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