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Found 2 results

  1. Good Day! I am wondering what other Bimodal folks do for streaming? I’m trying to get a sense of what the setup looks like and info is a little lacking out there. I know there’s the Artone 3 Max neck thingamabob that, I guess will connect both my Oticon HA in the left ear to the MedEl processor in the right ear at the same time via Telecoil mode. But what about TV? Do y’all have something attached to the TV to stream? Maybe I’ve been spoiled with the Oticon tv streamer. Just trying to work it out in my head a picture of different Bimodal situations that Bilateral (two CIs) do not necessarily have to deal with, if that makes sense? Also, which HA brand are folks wearing with their implant?
  2. Hello! Not sure if anybody can be of assistance but I have bilateral sensioneural hearing loss. I had my surgery (right ear, worse ear) on April 12. Today my implant was activated. I was told by my audiologist to NOT wear my left hearing aid for as much as possible so that my brain get start getting "used" to hearing with the implant. That being said, i'm hearing very little. The implanted ear (i'm wearing the Rondo 2) has been programmed with 4 maps. I was told to "change" the maps every 48 hrs and see which is most comfortable. Right now, I'm underwhelmed but I kind of expected that. I desperately want to hear everything "in stereo" again. Right now it is very low volume, tinny, and dull. I am "anxious" to start any rehab activities that will help me. Also, has anybody felt that the Rondo 2 will fly off very easily? I know that there is a clip and my magnet is a 3 right now because my incision scar is relatively new. I tried to sit on the couch and put my head back to rest and I feel like it's going to fall off Also, when pressed against a pillow , it squeals a bit... Back to work tomorrow, and I will be trying not to put the left hearing aid in, which is going to be a challenge. But i'm determined to make this work!! If anybody (new or old activations) has any pointers/advice for rehab, getting comfortable with wearing the processor and the challenge of having one hearing aid and one implant. I would be very grateful. Thank you! Liz Long
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