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  1. re: cochlear implants - - Has anyone purchased a bluetooth cordless landline phone & used it with the Quattro 4.0? My current cordless landline phone (old) does not seem to be loud enough when attempting to use it with my cochlear implant. Last visit with audiologist I had her add a louder program but still no luck. (currently using microphone rather than telecoil as terrible buzzing when attempting to use telecoil with my old phone-no matter the phone placement) I currently use the Quattro 4.0 (came with my implant system) to listen to audio books on my ipad. Was planning to just get a Hearing Aid Compatible cordless landline phone but checked with Med El to see if bluetooth cordless landline phone might somehow be better. They said using it in conjunction with the Quattro may sound better than just using telecoil alone. Anyone have experience with this? I found a panasonic cordless phone that is bluetooth & also has an amplifier. The regular bluetooth panasonics had quite a few reviews that the volume was not loud enough. Don't want to purchase a new phone & find out it is not loud enough so that's why I'm thinking the one with the amplifier. If you don't have a bluetooth cordless landline phone, do you have any feedback on hearing aid compatible cordless landline phones & your ability to hear on them?
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