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Found 4 results

  1. Dear friends I purchased 3 devices Quattro 4.0 and Quattro Pro but unfortunately always wire simply twisted or damaged any idea for another neckloop. I have RogerPen but because of music or tv not streaming wirelessly like Quattro I don’t like to use it. Also, still in our region they don’t have any idea when AudioLink will available in our market. anyone use AudioLink? regards Hameed
  2. Dear colleagues, happy belated new year Just I upgraded to Sonnet from Opus 2 so I have my previous ALD (Roger X and Roger Pen) in my opinion no need to waste money to purchase roger 21 because if you owned roger x so you will waste your money to purchase same audio receiver. what do you think my friends if you have roger x do you think you will upgrade to roger 21? However, sure roger 21 more easir and unnoticeable because it will be a part from sonnet because you will just replace battery covers not like roger x which it will be an adapter you will attached it with Sonnet FM cover
  3. Dave in Pittsburgh


    I will be getting the Roger Pen and Receiver in March when I get mt bilateral implant I am guessing that I will no longer use Quattro? Has anyone had problems with the case on Quattro cracking I noticed I have 2 cracks in mine the case has never been dropped also it does not turn on? Thanks Dave
  4. Dear friends, I don't know what happened for my Quattro 4.0 suddenly wires coming-out! I can't fix it m, I tried to hide wires but it's no use to do that! At beginning wires come out from main device I hide it and inserted again but neckloop wires from upper side as shown at the picture I can't hide it and everybody tell me now they can't hear me when I talk by mobile such as previously when I purchased it...
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