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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm scheduled to get MedEl's EAS Hybrid on August 30th for my worse ear. My situation is that I have pretty good low frequency hearing. In the ear not to be implanted, I use a hearing aid with good results and good word recognition. I still can catch a lot of sound with my bad ear but my ability to understand speech is pretty much gone. I can still appreciate a lot of music in my bad ear. I can't catch the lyrics but if I really focuse with an earbud in place, I think I could still learn a new melody with that ear. The big problem is speech comprehension which is only at 10%. I've lost most of my middle and high frequencies. I'm still very nervous about this surgery. My biggest concern is what happens if I lose a lot or most of my low residual hearing either right away or months or years from now. Will the EAS array cover those lows for me adequately? I've heard some people complain that the sound is tiny without the base. Anyone have some experience with this? Thank you.
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