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Found 10 results

  1. Light doesn’t turn off. Processor functions as expected. What could be the reason for this issue? Kindly help
  2. Irina

    Рондо 2. Цена

    Добрый день! Подскажите, пожалуйста, какова цена самого речевого Рондо 2, без комплектующих?
  3. KrisHS

    Pairing Rondo 2 with Artone Max

    Yeah! I finally received my new Rondo 2. I have forgotten how to pair my Rondos with my fine tuner and with my Artone 3 max. I'm hoping someone in this forum can help me. I would be forever grateful. Thank you
  4. Richard G

    Rondo 2 #4 magnet too weak?

    Hello On June 2 I have been implanted on the left side with a Synchrony and on June 15 we activated Rondo 2. I have the original Rondo on the right side. The activation process went great, but the unit strongest magnet and Grip Wear do not hold the Rondo over the Implant almost at all. When I sit still, it will stay but with the slightest movement it falls off. I used the grip.wear and activity clip - they do not help. There still is a slight swelling in the Implant area but there is just no comparison with the original Rondo with #4 magnet. Rondo is just slightly thicker than Rondo 2, therefore the magnet is also thicker. I was wondering if there is any Rondo 2 user with the same problem, and I am looking for a so!ution. Thank you. I am so glad that now I am a part of this group.
  5. This is the correct poll.
  6. KrisHS


    I began using my Rondo 2’s about five weeks ago. I really love them. They are my go-to processors for mornings, upon first rising. The first few days and continuing even now I have been experiencing daily headaches. My Rondo 2’s make sounds clearer and louder and better. After 4-6 hours of wearing them, I have to remove them, take ibuprofen and wait for headache to subside. I am wondering if anyone else experienced this.
  7. KrisHS

    What and How to store equipment

    I have all of my accessories sitting on a shelf of my book case sitting next to my bed. Not the best idea since I have several cats. I wanted to find out what others do. I want to keep everything together; my chargers (total 6), dryer, roger pens, fine tuners, Artone 3 MAX and charger. There must be a better organized and safer way. Thanks for any ideas.
  8. Which processors have you used?
  9. MED-EL Moderator

    RONDO 2 Review

    Want to know if you should get the RONDO 2? Three cochlear implant users try out RONDO 2 and give us their personal review. Check it here in the latest post on the MED-EL Blog!
  10. MED-EL Moderator

    RONDO 2: It's Never Been Easier™

    Hello HearPeers Community! Have you heard the latest news? The world of cochlear implants has changed today. Meet RONDO 2—the very first audio processor with wireless charging technology. It's Never Been Easier™. #RONDO2 Sign up to be the first to know when RONDO 2 is available in your country! *CE Mark is pending
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