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Found 6 results

  1. How many hours are your Rondo 2 batteries lasting?
  2. Here the price list in US market Price list
  3. Jewel

    EarGear for Rondo2

    So I ordered an Ear Gear for my Rondo2! The manufacturer simply adjusted the case for the original Rondo. Fits well! I'm very pleased. The quality of the pic isn't so great as I had to keep resizing the pic due to my reaching my media upload limit for this forum. Can you please increase my limit @MED-EL Moderator?
  4. I've been wearing the Sonnet straight for a few weeks and I just resumed wearing the Rondo2 and I started to remember why I love this processor so much! Please share what you love most about this OTE processor and what you least like about it. I will start things off.... I love that once I put it on my head in the morning I don't have to worry that I will hear dead battery beeps at any point during the day! This is certainly a BIG PLUS in my book! Most times I forget I even have it on. I also find that if I tilt my head back the Rondo2 stays in place unlike the Sonnet which feels like it would fall off. My only negative with Rondo2 is it doesn't work so well in noisy environments. I went out for lunch with colleagues by the waterfront. Music was playing, and it was a bit windy. I sometimes found it hard to follow the conversation. Another day I had lunch in our canteen and the person who sat right beside me has a fine voice and all now I am not sure what she said! Reminded me of my preCI days. Oh well. Guess you can't have it all!
  5. So I've been wearing my Rondo2 to work since Tuesday. I love it, love it, love it! I am so happy that Med-El allowed me to benefit from the PLUSRONDO promotion. The Rondo2 is so light that I don't even feel like I'm wearing anything on my head! I do wear it with the tether that is attached to a hair clip. I wish that hairclip came in different hair colours. It is silver and so it can be easy to spot. So Tuesday when I went to work, a coworker saw the clip at tugged at it. Idk if she was trying to fix it in my hair or what but I told her it was holding my processor so she apologised. So now I'm more careful as to how I place the clip in my hair. I definitely don't want a repeat of that. The Rondo2 has stayed on my head all day with no mishaps. I'm using a 3S magnet. So I guess I don't necessarily need the tether but I don't want to take any chances and the Rondo2 falls off my head. I'm starting to like Omni. I connected my Rondo2 to my Artone 3 Max and was able to listen to several webcasts at work with ease. The ac at work is kinda loud with the omni so sometimes I use the car program that my audi created but I'm finding that at work sometimes I'm able to block out the ac sound. I was even able to enjoy music playing on my laptop with the Artone and Rondo2 Tuesday when I listened to music in the car I couldn't make out much but today I was making out lyrics I wasn't able to make out with the Sonnet. My brain is getting lots of exercise. I love that I don't have to change any battery at all. I just need to charge the processor overnight and I'm good to go for the entire day (waking hours). I find that the car indicator sound is much louder with the Rondo2. I also have to ask people not to talk so loud. I was able to hear staff talking outside my office about 10 feet away! I also found that I was able to hear what people in my car were saying most of the time while I was driving, even when they weren't talking to me. I find it much easier to understand what people are saying behind me while I'm driving with this Rondo2. Looks like I have to put back an omni map on my Sonnet. In the canteen at work, it is rather noisy using the omni. I used the car program today and was able to hear what they were saying on CNN on the TV which was about 10 feet from me and I wasn't even looking at the screen! That's a first for me since activation in that setting! I love not having anything on my ear to fall off when I'm eating if I don't wear wigtape. I've even fallen asleep with the Rondo2. That shows how comfortable it is. My voice sounds good too. With the Sonnet it sounds kinda muffled sometimes. I also wore it to my place of worship last night and I could hear everything very well. Except for the music that is. Probably because 180 people were singing! So it looks like I will be wearing the Rondo2 most of the time. But for meetings at work I think i will stick to the Sonnet since I can use the Roger Pen. This is all I can remember off the top of my head. Does anyone else care to share their experience with Rondo2?
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