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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all - I wanted to see if what I am experiencing is normal or if you had any advice for me. I got my Samba processor activated today for my BoneBridge device - exciting! I have single-sided (left side) conductive hearing loss, so have one 'good' ear to compare sound quality to. That being said, after a long appointment adjusting the settings of the processor, I feel as if the sound quality is still far from natural. It sounds as if I'm hearing through a microphone or megaphone, with an echo-y quality of hearing something over loudspeakers like over an airplane announcement. It may be that I'm comparing it to my 'good' side, but I wanted to see what I could expect over time, if I may adjust to the quality more. I have a followup to readjust settings in a few weeks, but would move that sooner if it's just not improving. I hear a lot of background noise as well, which feels very distracting - especially driving home in the car it sounded very static-y and loud. Any advice or guidance on expectations for adjusting to the device? Thanks!
  2. Kimmay

    Samba processor not working

    ?Hello everybody. Does anyone else have a problem with their Samba processor? I’m on my third one now. I scrunch my hair in the morning after I wash it and I would put my samba processor on shortly after that. After my second one I stopped wearing it so soon and I would let my hair dry. I’m now on my third one and it is still cutting in and out. It seems like such great technology and the hearing is awesome but then I run into problems with my samba processor cutting in and out often. It’s discouraging! Does anyone else have this problem ? ?
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