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Found 5 results

  1. I had sudden onset of single sided deafness three and a half years ago in my left ear. It was diagnosed as sensorineuro hearing loss. My right ear has normal hearing but has had one recent surgery to remove inflammatory tissue from my middle ear. Since the onset of hearing loss, I have had great difficulty localizing sound and also hearing in noisy environments. I am hoping that the cochlear implant will help me with these. Localizing sound is a safety issue for me as I do a lot of walking and bicycling in the community. I would love to hear from others with single sided deafness with normal hearing in one ear. I am wondering if anyone in my situation experienced music differently after the CI was in place. My insurance recently approved the cochlear implant and so I need to make a final decision in the next few weeks. One of my biggest fears is not being able to appreciate music as well after the surgery.
  2. Hi , My daughter has single sided deafness on her left ear and we want her to get the cochlear implant for her she is 10 year old, we are so worry that some things may go wrong during surgery. I would love to read some of your experiences during surgery and how difficult it is to recuperate from surgery. ? I know this will help her improve her life so much but we are so scare. Thanks in advance.
  3. I’m in evaluation for CI for single-sided deafness - sudden idiopathic hearing loss in May 2017 and another major loss in Dec 2019 - only 28% word recognition now and significant tinnitus in bad ear. The other ear is fine. So far, I’m told I am a good candidate for the procedure. I’ve had excellent hearing all my life until these events at age 64. I enjoy travel for work and pleasure and twice in the past two years I have been surprised by persons who touch/grabbed me inappropriately - once on the street in California and another time in India - I am a strong person, but it frightened me to know that I could easily be accosted without any awareness of where the threat was coming because I could not hear the approach. I enjoyed music, social gatherings and eating out until the SSD has made It so difficult to hear/communicate in noisy environments. It definitely has impeded social relationships. My question is: are there others with SSD and looking back, did the CI work/help you? Was it worth the risk? What advice do you have for me as I start this process? Do you find success with the Sonnet 2 or Rondo 2? So Many questions...I appreciate your thoughts!...Thanks in advance for your advice/help!
  4. Hi, Would really appreciate if anyone especially an audiologist or ENT can help explain this situation we’re in. Our baby boy born Oct 12 this year, failed two hearing screening tests and was referred to an audiologist. The audiologist did the first test on Nov 27 and found he had profound conductive hearing loss at 95db on frequency 500 to 4000hz on the right ear but she seemed uncertain about the results and said she was going to get a second opinion. She concluded it was conductive because the bone conduction test was good. After doing research, I found conductive hearing loss can only be maximum at moderate level. I asked the audiologist and she agreed too that it was strange that it was in profound range and suspected maybe the earphone was loose during the test so she asked us to go in for a retest. So on dec 12, we went in for the retest. This time she concluded that it was profound sensorineural hearing loss. We were confused and asked why in the first test, the bone conductivity test was good and now it’s sensorineural loss. She said it could be because the assistant that helped held the equipment piece on baby’s head behind the ear placed it on the wrong spot so that the signals she got were actually muscle movements. (The second time the audiologist was the one who held the equipment piece on baby’s head.) we thought this was strange. Wouldn’t the assistant be experienced in this? How could they make a mistake like this? And how come audiologist seem so certain in first test that the bone conductivy result was good? Also, in the retest, baby hearing was 75db at 500hz, 85db at 1000hz, 95db at 2000hz, 105db at 4000hz. We are confused why the first test, it was 95db for all frequency and the second test was showing a gradual increase in loss the higher the frequency. Could someone please help explain these different findings? Thanks!
  5. Hello, Everyone, As a woman in her mid-60s, I have congenital sensorineural hearing loss in both ears, and wear hearing aids in both ears. I am basically deaf in the right ear, with have decent speech discrimination in the left. With my current set of hearing aids, I can hear/sense a little bit of sound from my deaf side but zilch discrimination, giving me some directional information as to where to turn. I've been told that a bi-cros hearing aid solution would give me better hearing, but no directional information at all. However, recently several audiologists have told me that I may be an excellent candidate for a CI in my right ear, which I never dreamed was a possibility. My question is: will the sound from a CI be so different/disparate from the sounds in my better ear such that it would make understanding speech and other sounds more difficult? In other words, will my brain adapt and will my overall discrimination be better with a CI? Thank you.
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