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Found 2 results

  1. I’m in evaluation for CI for single-sided deafness - sudden idiopathic hearing loss in May 2017 and another major loss in Dec 2019 - only 28% word recognition now and significant tinnitus in bad ear. The other ear is fine. So far, I’m told I am a good candidate for the procedure. I’ve had excellent hearing all my life until these events at age 64. I enjoy travel for work and pleasure and twice in the past two years I have been surprised by persons who touch/grabbed me inappropriately - once on the street in California and another time in India - I am a strong person, but it frightened me to know that I could easily be accosted without any awareness of where the threat was coming because I could not hear the approach. I enjoyed music, social gatherings and eating out until the SSD has made It so difficult to hear/communicate in noisy environments. It definitely has impeded social relationships. My question is: are there others with SSD and looking back, did the CI work/help you? Was it worth the risk? What advice do you have for me as I start this process? Do you find success with the Sonnet 2 or Rondo 2? So Many questions...I appreciate your thoughts!...Thanks in advance for your advice/help!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and here's our backstory. We discovered that my son is profoundly deaf in his left ear at his kindergarten screen. He passed his newborn screen with no issues. We were shocked as he has apparently adapted very well and you would never know. Hears perfectly out of his right ear, does well in school so far (he's now in first grade) and is very athletic. The cause of his hearing loss is unknown but we're guessing it was early in life as he has adapted so well and doesn't seem to know any different (to the point where he doesn't even fully accept that he has hearing loss). He has been seen at several clinics and is considered a good candidate for CI at least anatomically (nerve is present and fully formed). Since he has adjusted so well it does make the decision on doing a CI challenging, but we're leaning towards doing it to give him the benefit or full binaural hearing and also to keep the nerve on that side stimulated as who knows what future therapies might be available and accessible to him. I'm interested in anyone who has gone through a similar decision process and how you decided on the Medel cochlear implant for your child. Thank you!
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