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Found 1 result

  1. Well guys I'm finally fully a CIBORG! Got activated first thing this morning. My surgeon saw me in the hallway and sat in on my entire activation. He even recorded the part when I was switched on! Well all electrodes are working. And I found out that my CI audi, the original one, had ordered the Sonnet EAS but when they tested me this morning before activation it was clear that I have lost much of my residual hearing. So they didn't use the ear mold part. I'm glad for that cos I never wanted anything inside my ear. So I'm surprised that the audi ordered that without consulting with me. The CI magnet is 2 and even with the one that the new CI audi who did the evaluation, a magnet of 5, dropped! So I don't know how it's gonna go. I wasn't able to wear the CI until I got a clip to hold the cable so that if anything slips it doesn't fall to the ground. At activation all I heard were cricket sounds and whistles and like I was hearing an alien. But a few minutes after I put the CI again this afternoon with the clip in my hair suddenly I was hearing my voice from the CI! It still sounds robotic but I am happy to be hearing words of some sort. The audi said I should read a book aloud and watch TV. I asked about rehab apps and she said I can proceed. Doesn't look like she would have recommended the apps if I didn't mention it. It wasn't until I reached home that I realised the difference in the ear hook. I'm wondering whether I can just get a regular earhook to replace the EAS earhook. I don't like it. Plus my ear is small. So the ear piece is still falling from my ear sometimes. The CI audi said that it may take me 6 months to make out speech if ever. I hope that she is wrong. I'm gonna immerse myself in rehab. There's so much to read! I'm not feeling overwhelmed though. I'm looking forward to my journey.
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