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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I was told yesterday that I qualify for an EAS device. I have high frequency hearing loss with normal low frequency hearing. I have been looking online and am concerned about the "electronic" sound of the cochlear implant. I'm also worried about how long it takes to get back to "normal." I.e. would I be able to return to work quickly? I can hear OK. 1:1 I'm fine & lip reading helps a lot. I'm concerned that if I get the implant I'll be unhappy with the quality of sound / not be able to listen to music etc. I'd love to hear from other who have gone through this experience, whether it's on this forum, private messages, or by phone. Thanks.
  2. Mr-LJ

    Recognising the Source of Sound

    Okay, mainly aimed at you guys who have two identical cochlear implants. Question: Are you able to look instantly towards where a sound is coming from? Let me try to be a little more clear in what I am asking.... With my opus2 and conventional hearing aid... I just cannot make out where a sound is coming from. For example.... I hear a very distinguished aircraft flying somewhere overhead, an RAF Spitfire! but for the life of me I just cannot see it nor recognise which direction it is flying, so frustrating! When I do eventually get to see it... it is just flying over the horizon. So frustrating! But yet when I had two conventional hearing aids on, both being identical... I could instantly look to where it was, or going to or coming from. I am guessing that this would be the same with two identical implants. I'd like to learn of your experiences regarding something like this....
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