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Found 1 result

  1. Although is not directly a gadget for implant or our processors I nave a doubt about it. Reading the user manual of this gadget say that the device the measurement of weight, say that the device is not recommended for user with implant (hearth or other implant). I know the device not only give you the weight. This one have other parameters focused on amateur sport and body maintenance, more exactly 13 points like: Weight, Basal Metabolic Rate, BMI, ,Body Fat Percentage, Bone Mass, Water percentage in body, Muscle Mass, Physical Age of body, Protein level in body, Visceral Fat, Balance test, Suggest ideal, Make a body score that’s easy to track, based on all of the above measurements, Make an assessment of your Body size type. It is not my intention to do marketing on it, but I have curiosity and doubt about the "warning" for implanted people as we are, is it posible that the weight scale damage our implant/processor, or simply the measurement wouldn't be so precise for the data calculation?, Or perhaps we have no problem to use it in same way as RMI with Concerto or Synchrony implants? I ask to MED EL but I think that they are on holiday season and they take some time to answer me.
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