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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone - We have just joined this group and thanks for having us. My 5-year old is a new implanted little girl with SSD. We are unsure when she went deaf in one ear. She was activated on 12/4. We are just beginning our AVT journey and long story short, we found out on this past Tuesday that she is hearing through her Roger Select and only loud noises through processor. She started out hearing beeps from activation (only through Roger) and continued over the month. I am a little frustrated with our Roger Select. She heard everything from her therapist from songs, words, sounds in a different room and one ear plugged. For our therapy at home, she only hears half of what I say through the Roger (which is great), but wondering why. Seems like a great device, but it is frustrating that I cannot see if it is working or hooked up to her okay unless she hears something. I only go in the next room about 10 feet away. It would be nice if the indicator stayed green while talking but everything goes off and Phonak said it is normal. She gets a little frustrated at home with AVT. I think part of it is I'm continuously asking her, "Do you hear anything?" because I fear it isn't working properly. While on this topic, does anyone have any great apps for a 5-year old that cannot read yet except for sight words? We have been streaming ABC Mouse music videos, etc. but this is getting old to her. Now that she is hearing, I'd like her to have something to interact better with, although she can interact with ABC, but we need something else. Thank you for your tips and advice! She is doing very well with wearing her processor, etc.
  2. Hi all, I am from melbourne in Australia. I’m new here - I lost my hearing on my left side 2 months ago (profound loss) after an ear infection. I now have tinnitus as well. Ive been told it’s most likely permanent but have to wait a couple more months before I could look at implants. Would be keen to hear any tips on coping with single sided deafness / if you are considering CI or if you already have one and found it has helped. Cheers Caroline
  3. Hi, I recently became ssd in my left ear. I had some questions about cochlear implants. 1. How does a CI sound in one ear compare to normal hearing from the other, will they confuse eachother or will hearing become normal on both sides? 2. Will CI's prevent any future treatment from stem cells in pipeline. 3. Does it matter how much time passes from when i lost my hearing to getting the CO, as I am very much still trying to make a decision on this. 4. Would anyone in the same position share whether they thought it was worth it or better just living with one ear. Or perhaps a bone bridge would be a good solution? 5. Has anyone heard of the advancement in completely in ear CIs? I read an article on this but there seems to be nothing since 2014? Many Thanks
  4. Hello, Everyone, As a woman in her mid-60s, I have congenital sensorineural hearing loss in both ears, and wear hearing aids in both ears. I am basically deaf in the right ear, with have decent speech discrimination in the left. With my current set of hearing aids, I can hear/sense a little bit of sound from my deaf side but zilch discrimination, giving me some directional information as to where to turn. I've been told that a bi-cros hearing aid solution would give me better hearing, but no directional information at all. However, recently several audiologists have told me that I may be an excellent candidate for a CI in my right ear, which I never dreamed was a possibility. My question is: will the sound from a CI be so different/disparate from the sounds in my better ear such that it would make understanding speech and other sounds more difficult? In other words, will my brain adapt and will my overall discrimination be better with a CI? Thank you.
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