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Found 3 results

  1. Hi HearPeers! Thanks to Kylie from introducing me to this forum. Recently, I decided to go ahead with a CI. I had idiopathic SSHL in my left ear in early 2020. My hearing loss has been stable for the last 12 months, down at the 'severe' level, with 35%-40% word recognition. I'm in the 35-45 age group. My CI surgeon mentioned that I'm eligible for a CI, but up till a few weeks ago I thought I would be fine without any implant at all. I had learnt to live with the hearing loss. In March I had caught a cold with a sore throat (not COVID). On the first day of the cold, my throat was a bit tingly, and I was feeling quite stressed in general. That morning I experienced temporary SSHL in my 'good' ear. A few hours later, I had a hearing test at the hospital, but by then this new SSHL had thankfully disappeared. This experience got me thinking that SSHL in my good ear is a definite possibility and it's the main reason why I've changed my mind to get a CI. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  2. singlesideddeafdad

    CI Recipient June 25, 2021

    Hey all - Another one in the mix - glad to be a part of something with some better accessibility than flipping through hashtags and posts on IG and Twitter. Looking forward to making some connections and helping others with questions or banter, too! Have a great day! Nick Ruff Don't Forget; You are enough, you deserve this, you can do it & I know you can!
  3. Renachelw

    Cochlear Implant Help.

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this site. I'm from Singapore. My left ear has bad hearing since young and was discovered when I was 7. When I was 14, the hearing in my right ear suddenly went bad and I started wearing hearing aids. No i'm 21, and the situation has changed. My left ear is now the better ear, and my right ear is profoundly deaf, hearing aids don't help anymore. The doctors have encouraged me to go for CI in my right ear, and I believe that's all I can do now as there are no other options. Hence, I have a few questions and hope that I can find my answers here. I would just like to know if CI will sound very robotic given 2017's technology advancements? I used to have normal hearing and I'm wondering if it will sound very different. Will it eventually sound like normal hearing? Also, I used to play the violin before I got fitted with hearing aids, I was just wondering if it would be possible to play it again? Finally, does anyone use Cochlear's Kanso? Do you get the hair brushing against the mic sound, like hearing aids? Would BTE CI be better? It would be great if you could share your experiences. Thanks everyone
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