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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I remember once someone mentioned new tech is only introduced once in every 5 years. Does it mean there are no new accessories introduced in the interim? Is every company only allowed one improvement every 5 years? And i'm most interested to know if Med El is working on any waterwear solution that's compatible with Neptune for example or any alternative to current waterwear.
  2. @MED-EL Moderator Are you able to say whether Med-El is exploring alternatives to Waterwear? Or is this something that will also be used with Sonnet 2? I think a lot of people pass on Med-El because there is no waterproof option other than Waterwear which can only be used for a few times and can be costly if you swim a lot.
  3. rodearly

    First Waterwear experience

    I am a new Med-El CI recipient (bilateral: right ear 2015-Oct-30 and left ear 2015-Dec-02). I have been severely hearing impaired since birth (1967). Though I was mostly functional in the hearing world prior to getting my implants, the implants have brought major improvement. I used the Rondo and water wear for the first time the week of December 27 while on a Caribbean cruise with my wife, children, and other family. It was fantastic to be able to swim with my kids and be able to hear and talk with them in the water. We did a "swim with the dolphins" event at the Cozumel stop; being able to hear was excellent. I did have some struggles --not unexpected -- fitting the waterwear onto the Rondo. I compensated by putting installing the waterwear (and of course the alkaline batteries) the day before needing it. I also installed the hook so I can clip it to hair. To further secure the Rondos, I bought a headband to hold them in place. The headbead muffles sound to some degree but I could still hear. For that reason I will wear a headband only when I need it. I can find a Rondo if comes off in a swimming pool (as it did a few times) and therefore did not wear the headband. But in the ocean or a lake, the headband is a must. I was a bit disappointed in the batteries, which seemed to last 4-6 hours. However, I discovered the batteries would revive and work again for a time the next day. I do hope MedEl is working on a rechargeable battery solution for the Rondo. My only other complaint is the detachable hook. I have not been able to get it off the waterwear jackets. I am visiting my audiologist next week so perhaps she will be able to help me. Bottom line: The waterwear is fantastic excepting a few frustrations.
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