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Son Activated 3 weeks ago


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All new to this forum but wanted to reach out.  Son, 4 years old, was activated 3 weeks ago, bilateral implaneted and has been doing tremendous.  Audiolist says he has word recognition at 2 weeks that would expect at 3-6 months. Issue we are having is that we have had a few "hickups" with equipment and he totally is frustrated and we totally get frustrated, any thoughts?


Thank you for any feedback

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Thanks for reaching out, Paul! We are so glad to hear your son is doing tremendously post-activation. Can you expand on what types of "hiccups" your son is experiencing with his equipment? We want to make sure his device is functioning optimally.

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We are having serious moisture issues and shutdown, cable failures, and battery packs burn up.

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Thanks for your reply, Paul. I am sorry to hear about the issues with your son's equipment. I understand our customer service and in-house audiology departments are working closely with you to get the issues resolved. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. We are here to help!


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Hi Paul,


I totaly understand what you are experiencing. My son was implanted at 3 and again at 5. Now he is almost 7. We went through a lot of lot of cables. They are very delicate so be careful your son dont pull on them too much. My son Sam sweats a lot behind ears so the moisture shuts down the processor. Take it appart every night to dry it. Also clean the parts with rubbing alcohol that helps a lot. If your CI came with the option to clip his CI on his shirt, use it,thatway at least 1 will be working if the other is moist.


People at MED EL are very helpful and if I need anything they are very prompt.


Hope this help


Best regards



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Hello Paul


My daughter is 4 and was activated yesterday.  She didn't give a clear indication that she was hearing anything at all. Did your son notice the sounds right away?



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