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Problem pairing Roger Pen to iPhone ... Helllp pls.


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I've used the Roger Pen to hear tv through my cochlear implant.  But I never tried

pairing it to my cellphone.  That changed.  I have an iPhone and have repeatedly

tried pairing it to no avail (and the phone is compatible with the pen).  The green light

blinks, I press "connect/green key to connect", the light turns blue and flashes then turns

red, so this is an indication that the pen isn't able to pair, I assume.  Would be grateful for

any suggestions.   I've tried everything else and in between to no avail, including sending

emailing my audiologist and she's stumped.  The cellphone pairs with everything else :)Thanks.

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Hey, Mary Beth:  Thanks for the link.  I've played it so much, I have it memorized.  I disconnected the pen (the "link" button) just in case something else odd happened and have tried again too many times.  Time to put the pen in the mail and try another. 

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