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Rondo 3

Sarwar kashem

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Hi! Hope everyone is doing well. We are getting Rondo 3 next month of everything is ok. I'm curious to know whether i can directly connect rondo to mobile for music or do i need to buy audiolink for that. Thanks 

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@Sarwar kashem

Rondo 3 can not directly connect for audio streaming.

At this time only Sonnet/Sonnet2 can do that using the special AudioStream battery covers.

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@Sarwar kashem. Sadly Mary Beth is correct. This is a real weakness in the Medel Sonnet/Rondo world which they must be well aware of because of all the negative press they receive. I, too, have a Rondo 3 and wait for the day that Medel brings the needed upgrades. You need to buy Audiolink and, if you like Haptics, you need to run the app Audio2Ear as well. I have been running daily battery tests for about three months now and must warn you that, my my documented experience, running both Audiolink and Audio2Ear at the same time reduces the effective battery life per charge by a little more than 3 hours a day, (± 17%).

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