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Exercise Post-Op Advice

Heather W

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Good afternoon everyone, 

I’m new to this site (joined in March 2022) and just had my CI surgery a week ago (5/16/22). I was fairly active prior to my surgery. I run/walk 10-15 miles per week, spin, and do CrossFit 4x week. I’m a healthy 49yo female with no major health issues except migraines. I’ve never had surgery before this one, but I have been through numerous major health issues with family involving numerous major surgeries and medical treatments. I admittedly underestimated this surgery for myself. While I’m feeling much better than I was the first few days, I am still dealing with lingering inner ear discomfort and pressure as well as some soreness around the implant and on that side of my neck/jaw. My vestibular symptoms have almost fully resolved. 

Being upright and moving around helps but when I decided to talk a 2 mile walk in my neighborhood the other day, it increased my ear pain and pressure.  It was not even a power walk! I was discouraged. I’m anxious to get back to exercising and I’m going stir crazy but I don’t want to delay my recovery/healing either. I’ve read some historical exercise posts on here, but nothing recent. I would love to hear personal experiences about returning to physical activity and any specific modifications made. I’ve placed my CrossFit membership on hold for one month and the trainers there will modify things for me as needed when I return. 

My post op CT scan and appointment with my surgeon is on June 2nd and I have a growing list of questions for him. Prior to surgery, he advised “no strenuous activity or lifting more than 5-10lbs” for 2 weeks. After that, he said, “ease back in and listen to your body.” That’s a bit too vague for me and I just want to know what symptoms/reactions to activity are too be expected and which ones are more concerning.  

Thanks for any feedback!


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@Heather W

congratulations on your CI surgery!  The fun begins at activation.  Smile

Which processor did you choose?

My surgeons had restrictions on lifting for awhile.  I was fortunate and had very easy recovery periods both times so after the restrictions were lifted I was back to normal activities.  I hope you feel completely back to normal soon.

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Thanks for sharing this and welcome to hearpeers community

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I’m getting a Sonnet2 and a Rondo3.  Activation not until June 20th. Back to work on Monday (desk job). It should be interesting with only one hearing aid supported ear! Thankfully I work with incredibly supportive coworkers!  

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Congratulations I’m bilateral so I went thru the surgery twice with no difficulty what so ever. My surgeon had a few restrictions no lifting or gym light walking in the neighborhood other then that have fun enjoy the journey 


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Grats new friend. Im 65 yr old, retired, and not a daily exerciser any more. I was  a desk accountant, but walked around 10k steps/day. Recently worked at retail for a year, oh man hard work, between 15k and 20k steps 5 days per week, heavy lifting, so im saying pretty active.

For two days post surg i slept off and on, took short walks around the house and was tired. But not much pain. I would say i could not hike or walk alot at one time until activation at two weeks. After activation the excitement carried me along and felt normal! I took walks with my phone on bluetooth, so id say after 2 weeks i could walk 5k steps / day again.

I had very little vertigo as i dont believe ive ever had much lifetime anyway.

Since i dont workout much i cant really say how long it was before returning to full "strength"

I did not go "all out" for awhile, but desk should be ok just remember healing needs to happen. 

Take it easy and congrats!!!

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Hi heather, looks like your body told you 2 miles was a little much that day. Are you feeling better now?

Take care, cant wait for your activa TION!!!!!


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