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Hai all I'm new here

Judith L. Miller

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Judith, 29, from Canada
I've been wearing hearing aids on my left ear for four years now, I didn't have any problems by birth, but an accident four years ago ruined everything. I felt discomfort and got depressed after that. Now I'm comfortable with my life lots of people around me encouraged and lifted my mind from darkness thank you all. 

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HI @Judith L. Miller Welcome! I too lost my hearing suddenly, in my 30s. It is very traumatic and hard to adjust to. I now have a CI which has improved my life so much.  Do you also have an implant of some sort, or are considering one? 

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@Judith L. MillerI lost all hearing in my right ear when I was about 47 and three plus years later I received my CI which I'm not being hyberbolic but I know for certain saved my life/my sanity. Not a day goes by (implanted about 1.5 years ago) that Im not completely blown away by the restoration of my health. Best of luck!

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Hi judith,

Welcome to hear peers!

After a high fever illness at age 5 i started losing hearing. In my 30s i started with miracle ear hearing aids which helped a great deal. I used them off and on. Late 40s seimens in the ear, 50s oticon. I was advised by ENT at that time hearing aids might not help much longer. But ha helped me enough in my accounting career.

I left my life in california in 2019, worked in retail grocery until i retired in 2021. I could not hear the paging system, i couldnt clearly understand anything important, was harrassed by my boss teased, it was so depressing..i mean depressing...i understand...

I retired, got medical insurance and found cochlear implants at a local university, and referred myself, and here i am. Ive searched and read volumes on ci, since i was doing this all myself it pumped me up!!!

I have not been really low since then! This group and others on the internet are so encouraging! I hope you enjoy this group, they are so knowledge-sharing! You are not alone!!

Hope to see/hear you around, take care! 💘 




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