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Rondo 3 & Artone 3Max


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First I suggest attaching the telecoil adapter to your Rondo 3 to see if the ticking issue happens that others have reported.  If it does, that ticking sound will continue even when the Artone 3 is streaming.  Some people have found fixes (like putting the Rondo 3 into flight mode).  You can contact Med-El for their advice about that.

If there is no ticking issue, using Artone 3 is easy.  Just attach the telecoil adapter which automatically puts Rondo 3 into MT.

Here is a captioned video about Artone.


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I have student with a Rondo 3 and I am reseaching whether the Artone 3Max is compatible. Will she need the telecoil dongle to use the Artone 3Max?

Thank you.

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@Sarah Van Winkle

yes the Artone 3 MAX does work with Rondo 3 but there are things to consider.

using Artone 3 MAX with Rondo 3 requires BOTH attaching the telecoil adapter to the Rondo 3 and also putting Rondo 3 into flight mode to avoid a ticking sound. 

You mention “student” but not age.  So two things to also consider….

1) There are many areas in schools which are not suitable to using telecoil due to electromagnetic interference from wiring, fluorescent lights etc which produce an audible buzzing while using telecoil.  Difficult thing is, you never know where in the room or school this happens until you listen with telecoil.

2) In my opinion neckloops are not optimal for young users because as their processor moves closer or further from the neckloop when they move their heads, the volume changes quite a bit.


Maybe there are better alternatives.  If you give more information about what audio your student will be accessing and the student’s age we can comment further.

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