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Hello, all. Just beginning my journey

Pete in PDX

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Hello, all. Great to meet you.


I'm just beginning the process of moving forward with a CI. I've been using CROS hearing aids (single sided deafness) but finally an to the point of wanting something more. 

A couple more doctor appointments this week and a surgery tentatively planned in late August.


Stay tuned. 

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Welcome, pete! Do you have processor selected yet? Congratulations on your journey start! Its exciting!

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@Pete in PDX

Welcome to HearPeers.  We are a friendly group so feel free to ask questions and share your journey.


Years before getting my first CI I spent a long time using a BiCROS hearing aid.  Basically a CROS  that then is amplified due to a hearing loss on the receiving ear side as well.  Took care of the dead ear zone but absolutely no ability to detect the direction of sounds.  Now hearing with 2 separate but cooperative ears thanks to CIs, listening is so much better.  I wish you the best on your journey.


Which CI center are you going to?  I go to NYEE in NYC.

Which processor are you choosing?

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