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Audiolink vs newer TVs

John F

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Does anybody have any firsthand experience converting the RCA output to Toslink/IR for the Audiolink?  I know converters exist and add to the price of the Audiolink but wondering what was used and how the quality is.

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@John F

I can not recall whether you already own the AudioLink.

Our TV still has the RCA audio out option so I connected AudioLink that way without an adapter.  It was CRAZY loud.  I mean, jump out of your skin loud.  So I suggest turning down the AudioLink volume A LOT before connecting it to the TV and then raise the volume to find your preferred listening loudness.

Some people love using AudioLink with their TVs via the dock.  Others prefer just setting AudioLink near the speaker and use it as a remote mic.

I experienced too many issues using AudioLink connected to our TV with my bilateral Sonnets.  Sound intermittently dropped out from one side or the other…..  connection was lost completely….. static….. very limited range.  So it is not a good fit for me.  It was also a hassle adjusting the volume mid show or when switching channels or streaming services because it required returning to the AudioLink.


Artone TVB with Artone neckloop meets my needs better.  Much better range, no static, no intermittency, no loss of connection and has the ability to mute or adjust the streamed volume right from the neckloop itself.


That being said, I prefer listening to the TV just through the TV speakers without streaming.

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I had one but sent it back due to no proper ways of connecting it to our TV.  I’m more curious if anybody has tried going through the hassles of dealing with a converter and how it worked out.  Already tried Artone and didn’t work out.

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