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Insurance Post-surgery


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Hey all!

I don't remember who, but somebody had mentioned that some insurances can help out with CI accessories - I'm assuming batteries now than anything. 

If this is true, how can I find out if my insurance can help, and what kind of things are covered?


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Hi there, i had different insurance carrier for surgery, now i have a different carrier. I have submitted an order for parts through medel, its been more than a month and ive not heard from them. Apparently its a slow process. I have heard others comment that their insurance covers batteries if its billed correctly..like instead of being billed as hearing device batteries but as durable medical equipment. Good luck to you. I have only one ci so i just buy them.

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Send an email to your Med-El CSR and ask to have your insurance checked about batteries or whichever other needed parts you need.  In my experience no insurance covers assistive listening devices like AudioLink or AudioStream as those are not required durable medical equipment.

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