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Suffering from sleep apnea

Judith L. Miller

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Hi, guys! I'm 29 years old and have suspected I've had sleep apnea for at least 8 years. I finally went to my doctor about it and had the wristwatch test, and confirmed that I have sleep apnea. So I've decided to buy a CPAP for myself. But I don't know how to use it. Is anyone here using a CPAP machine? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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@Judith L. Miller. I have used a CPAP machine for well over 15 years, so I hope my experience is helpful:

1. My use of a CPAP has always been overseen by specialists who prescribed it in the first place and developed the basic settings for the machine. This was good for two reasons:

- Insurance. Most of my costs are covered by my basic medical insurance

- I have no idea what settings are appropriate for me. These cover mainly  pressure and  volume

2. I have changed machines about once every four to five years. My current machine is a Resmed 

3. The choice and fitting of the mask is critical to the effectiveness of the CPAP. For most of my time I have had a full face mask sized according to my dimensions. 

4. I currently have a mask that fits over my mouth and seals under my nostrils. The fit is critical.

5. I also have a humidifier and and heated hose. The humidifier, for me, is essential because otherwise my mouth dries out during the night. The heated hose is a luxury and, for me , not essential but is doesn't cost me anything. I can set myself the heat.

6. As I said my basic system settings are set by my specialist with input for my ENT doctor. They do it on the machine software but in a part to which I do not have access.

7 All my data and I mean everything from switch on time, the settings, to duration,  to mask leaks, to whether I snore to how well I sleep each hour of the night is recorded on a micro SD and reviewed by my clinician each time we meet. That used to be once every three months, then six months and now yearly or when I call for help.

Voila! I hope this is useful. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask me. I have always been professionally looked over and controlled and I do not regret that. I would strongly advise you not to go it alone and to go the professional route. Mine included an overnight sleep in the specialist sleep department of a local hospital, (in the USA) where they measured everything including video. This was all fixed by my generalist doctor once he had decided I needed probably needed something. Were I to guess you had some sort of oxygen test via the wristwatch.

Good luck.



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I totally agree with the information Andrew42 provided. I've used a CPAP for about six years and recently started using a DreamStation II. CPAP machines are prescribed by a doctor. Anyway, it will have no effect on your hearing.

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